i was hunting last gun season and my friend and i were goin out and we had 2 huge bucks run right at us n field. we unloaded on them and didnt hit one of them. very disappointing so i wrote a poem that evening in the blind. my friends last name is maistros to clear up the poem. this poem tells the story exactly how it happened.

tale of the mighty buck

Deer,Deer come over here,
What is it that you fear

We saw your rack through the brush,
We grabbed our guns in a mad rush

We fired 7 shots threw the air,
I dont think we even grazed a hair

You kept on running without a care,
I said to Maistros this isnt fair

We ran and ran to chase you down,
But you disappeared without a sound

Oh big, big mighty monster buck,
You know what i say?