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#1170077 - 02/03/09 08:09 PM Re: Our New Chat Room..... [Re: PappyD]
GottaOtter Offline

Registered: 12/25/06
Posts: 267
Loc: Alabama
I guess if i understood computers like most here do it would be easy to understand how to use the new room. But i don't so i guess when the old room goes down I'll go with it unless you can come up with a set of instructions on how to use it and i can print out a hard copy for future use gottaotter will be history.
N.T.A. Life Member #50

#1170140 - 02/03/09 08:41 PM Re: Our New Chat Room..... [Re: GottaOtter]
DerekB Offline

Registered: 12/23/06
Posts: 3858
Loc: New York
got just login and goof around with the chat untile you get the hang of the chatroom

#1170174 - 02/03/09 08:55 PM Re: Our New Chat Room..... [Re: DerekB]

Registered: 07/10/08
Posts: 1175
Loc: West Texas
thats pretty cool
Say no to drugs and yes to tacos

#1170565 - 02/04/09 05:22 AM Re: Our New Chat Room..... [Re: TEXAS HUSKER]
mole Offline

Registered: 12/23/06
Posts: 2140
Loc: New York ,Adirondack mts.
I get a blank screen. The other one did work. Oh well

#1170920 - 02/04/09 10:46 AM Re: Our New Chat Room..... [Re: mole]
tmrschessie Offline

Registered: 12/23/06
Posts: 8488
Loc: South Central Nebraska age 66
I am currently getting an error message. Tom

#1170955 - 02/04/09 11:10 AM Re: Our New Chat Room..... [Re: tmrschessie]
SkunkWrestler Offline

Registered: 08/25/08
Posts: 3575
Loc: North of 2poor, MN
Thanks Mr. Dobbins, it is awesome!

#1171008 - 02/04/09 11:58 AM Re: Our New Chat Room..... [Re: SkunkWrestler]
Bogmaster Offline

Registered: 12/22/06
Posts: 2790
Loc: Lakeland,Minnesota
I have always gotten the error posting. But right now it seems to be down altogether.
If my feet aren't wet,I must not be trapping.
Tom Olson

#1171183 - 02/04/09 01:42 PM Re: Our New Chat Room..... [Re: Bogmaster]
Paul Dobbins Offline
"Trapperman custodian"

Registered: 12/22/06
Posts: 10566
Loc: Goldsboro, North Carolina
A tech was working on some stuff and the chat was messed up for a bit. Should be good to go now.

#1171294 - 02/04/09 02:40 PM Re: Our New Chat Room..... [Re: Paul Dobbins]
trappin_girl Offline

Registered: 12/01/08
Posts: 84
Loc: Sand Fork, WV
still wont work for me. it will go to the log in page and when i log in, that is as far as it goes. it goes to cannot display page now.
a coondog a set of traps a good lovein country man and a truck what else can i ask for

#1171333 - 02/04/09 03:04 PM Re: Our New Chat Room..... [Re: trappin_girl]
Will M. Offline

Registered: 11/26/08
Posts: 82
Loc: North of 64 in Wisconsin
Trappin Girl I was just on a while ago and it showed you being there and loged on so I'm not sure what went wrong on your end of the connection?
Don't take life so serious. No one get's out alive.

#1173074 - 02/05/09 09:40 AM Re: Our New Chat Room..... [Re: Buter]
dublelung Offline

Registered: 12/27/06
Posts: 1125
Loc: South MS
Originally Posted By: Buter
Paul..not a big deal...but I wrote sunglasses...stead of shades and it changed it on me..Does happen to all the words have that have *** in them?

LOL I've had something similar to that happen on here as well. Kinda makes you wonder don't it? I always had difficulties with the old chat, so maybe this one will work for simple minded folks like me. Thanks!

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