I wrote this a few years ago. It was published by poety.com. It's one of many I have written, but it is my favortie. I wrote it at a time in my life where I felt I needed a change. I wasn't going anywhere and I longed for something more.

As the midnight rain comes pouring down it
fills the lakes and streams. As the
lightning strikes and the thunder pounds it
shakes the earth beneath. From somewhere by
I hear a cry unlike I've ever heard. It's
someone dying and they are trying to let
their voice be heard. I look around in hope
to find the source of this unrest. What I
see is a reflection of me, looking quite
grotesque. It is I who cry this night and
call into the wind. It is my soul that has
grown cold and who's face is none but grim.
It is now my time to be set free and cast
away my pain. Midnight rain fall down on me
and wash me once again. Let the lightning
strike and the thunder pound upon this soul
of mine. When it is all over, my soul will
once more shine.
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