Cooking on the Wild Side

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#140843 - 03/18/07 11:26 AM Beaver ........slow cooker
RdFx Offline

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When preparing bvr besides catching the bvr you must when skinning and cleaning bvr make sure none of castor, oil sacks or urine contact meat. That aside proceed
Take one bvr cleaned and cut up in one inch cubes. Brown bvr meat in skillet with canola oil. Take browned bvr meat and place in slow cooker and add:
Apple juice or orange juice; one cup
Salt and pepper to your own taste
Garlic if you want depending on your taste.
Fresh garlic four cloves sliced thinly or grated. Can use dry garlic need more for flavor : suggested, 2 tsps.
Vegetables can be added or made seperately: Potatoes and carrots can be added with meat right away. Tender vegetables can be put in one hour before finishing cooking. Everything can be added right away but will cause some of vegetables to be mushy.
Suggested cooking time 8 hours on low. Can be adjusted for your slow cooker and how high of heat put on.
I add everything if im leaving early to trap and when i come home late in day the slow cooker stew tastes just GREAT and satisfying...Burp!

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#2898565 - 12/20/11 05:31 PM Re: Beaver ........slow cooker [Re: RdFx]
sharonn Offline

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I made bvr in slow cooker also but put whole back with loin in and added all other ingredients cook til falls of bones yummy

#4093341 - 11/04/13 06:54 AM Re: Beaver ........slow cooker [Re: RdFx]
rob gallagher Offline

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#4270045 - 01/26/14 12:20 AM Re: Beaver ........slow cooker [Re: RdFx]
yote69301 Offline

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Trim the fat off or leave it on before starting?
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#4649006 - 09/16/14 05:41 AM Re: Beaver ........slow cooker [Re: RdFx]
crossroads Offline

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I tried to cook one last season and 3 hrs in the crock pot wasn't enough. The flavor was good, but it was awful chewy.
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