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#1423345 - 07/21/09 08:41 PM A H$U$ Anniversary displaying their forked tongue.
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Lots of important info in this Oped which really shows how dark H$U$ really is behind the scenes and out of the public eye.

(This article was first published by The Dog Place - A Dog's Best Friend Is a Responsible Owner, June 2009. See also FCUSA Press Resource Center: Humane Society of the United States)

An Unmarked Anniversary: A Dozen Years on HSUS's Payroll

By Teresa Platt, Executive Director, FCUSA

While it probably won't be publicly celebrated or marked by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), those involved with animals might want to mark the 12th anniversary of John Paul "JP" Goodwin's employment with HSUS under the direction of Wayne Pacelle.(1)

This employer/employee relationship goes back to 1997, just three years after Pacelle joined HSUS from the Fund For Animals (FFA). The relationship covers years when Goodwin was publicly associated with another organization and was one of the greatest promoters of the Animal Liberation Front (ALF).

Just before HSUS's Wayne Pacelle hired him in 1997, Goodwin referred to himself in interviews as an "ALF graduate."(2) An activist completely committed to the vegan agenda, he dropped out of high school to work as a janitor because the flexible hours allowed him more time to protest. Inspired by Sea Shepherd's Rodney Coronado who advocated illegal action as a way to "save" the Earth, Goodwin was a fan of hardcore tactics.(3)

"We have found that civil disobedience and direct action has been powerful in generating massive attention in our communities ... and has been very effective in traumatizing our targets," Goodwin explained.(4)

Double Trouble, Double Take

HSUS's Wayne Pacelle's hiring of John Paul "JP" Goodwin made us do a double take even though Pacelle and Goodwin have, in recent years, put out joint statements condemning illegal tactics.

Pacelle wasn't always so conservative. At 26 he heckled those wearing natural fiber fur clothing on the streets. Why not those wearing leather?, he was asked. "Leather is a by-product of the meat industry, which is largely accepted by society," he replied. He explained, "One has to use so-called 'guerilla tactics'. One has to have an element of direct action and confrontation."(30)

Besides Pacelle and Goodwin, other HSUS have arrest records for hunt sabbing, trespassing and property damage. Others clearly support such work.

Heidi Prescott began working at FFA in 1989, under executive director Wayne Pacelle. FFA promoted her to national director after Pacelle joined HSUS in 1994. Prescott is famous in animal rights circles as the first person to go to jail for animal rights.(31) Since the first time, she's been arrested numerous times while working for FFA, has supported illegal actions during campaigns(32) and serves on Sea Shepherd's advisory board. She joined HSUS in its merger with FFA in 2005 but never severed her ties to Sea Shepherd.(33) She currently serves as HSUS Senior VP for Campaigns, manages its Outreach and Strategic Initiatives department and continues to serve as national director for FFA.

In December 2008, the Center for Consumer Freedom's www.humanewatch.org placed an advertisement in the New York Times questioning why Prescott was delivering the keynote speech to the Humane League of Philadelphia, originally founded as "SHAC Philly", a chapter of Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC), an FBI-designated terrorist group.(34)
In April 1993 Goodwin was sentenced to three years in jail as the ringleader of a gang vandalizing fur stores. He spent 30 months under house arrest, finishing his sentence at 22. Meanwhile, Rodney Coronado, who was busy with his Coalition to Abolish Fur Farms (CAFF), would prove harder to catch. Coronado finally went to jail in 1995 for arson and other crimes, creating a void in the "movement". Goodwin stepped in with his Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade (CAFT) with a "Statement of Purpose Adopted January 1994" that stated CAFT planned to carry out farm animal "release programs" as done by CAFF and accepted the "Animal Liberation Front, and other groups that break the law ... as an important factor in the success we achieve." Goodwin registered CAFT as a business name in Texas on Sept. 4, 1996.

ALF Calling

In March 1997, ALF called Goodwin and reported it had set a Utah mink feed co-op ablaze. Goodwin publicized the event crowing, "We're ecstatic." Clearly unconcerned with how the mink would be fed without the co-op, Goodwin stated, "We have no problem with inanimate objects being destroyed so animate objects can survive."

That same year, 1997, when ALF was calling, so was HSUS's Wayne Pacelle. He hired Goodwin that year but Goodwin continued to operate publicly under the CAFT moniker.

Goodwin's CAFT pressured a clothing chain over its sales of fur products in 1998, and the company issued a $100,000 check to HSUS.(5) Goodwin's tactics were so extreme that a fur shop owner, tired by incessant protest, attacks on his property and threats against staff, filed a lawsuit in 1999 against Goodwin and CAFT under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act.(6)

At the time, no one but Goodwin, Pacelle and the HSUS payroll department knew that Goodwin was working for HSUS.

In April 1997, Goodwin led a protest celebrating the 10th anniversary of a $5 million arson at the University of California's Davis' John E. Thurman Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory,(7) the first ALF arson in the United States.(8) Craig Rosebraugh, who would go on to be an ALF/ELF spokesman, reported that Goodwin led the protesters past a chain raised by law enforcement where protesters were met by police officers(9):

Goodwin continued with his orders, now insulting the cops as much as he was trying to direct the crowd. "F**K YOU, ASSHOLES!" he shouted, sticking the megaphones in the cops' faces. "EVERYONE OVER THE CHAIN! STICK TOGETHER! DON'T BACK DOWN!"

The day's arrest list of 30 people includes many names in the extreme animal liberation movement.(10)

Arrested was Jonathan Paul, Rodney Coronado's former business partner. Paul is currently serving time for his involvement in the original 1987 ALF arson at UC Davis, along with other crimes.

Craig Rosebraugh, Leslie Pickering and Goodwin were also arrested at the protest. They'd go on to gain fame as spokesmen for the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) and the Earth Liberation Front (ELF) and, in the case of Rosebraugh and Pickering, for their advocacy of the overthrow of the government.

Peter Young was arrested that day. He too would become an ALF felon and, unrepentant, go on to a career as a motivational speaker for ALF, pulling another generation of impressionable children into lives of crime.

In May 1997, the same year he was on HSUS's payroll, Goodwin stated, "CAFT does support the ALF, though the ALF is hardly a terrorist organization."

As one of the "All-Star" speakers at the 1997 Animal Rights Conference in Washington, DC, Goodwin spoke on "The intergenerational connection (Improving relations between student groups and the rest of the movement)".(11) He held "education and strategy training sessions" for young people, featuring Breaking Free!, a video glorifying crimes committed by ALF/ELF.(12)

A pattern emerged at Goodwin-organized protests where out-of-state juveniles were arrested during school hours. Goodwin praised the Straight Edge faction of young vegans, some of whom turned intolerant and militant, for "breathing new life into the movement."(13) Goodwin and his cohorts took to donning ski masks at protests Now you see them, now you don't.

Peter Schnell was only 17 when arrested in New York in 1998 at a Goodwin-organized protest. Matt Whyte was only 16 when he was arrested along with Jake Conroy.(14) The same day Whyte and Conroy were arrested, three more out-of-state juveniles were arrested after they donned masks, climbed a fence at a nearby farm and vandalized animal pens.(15) Who paid to transport out-of-state juveniles across state lines? Shnell and Whyte would later serve time for attempted arson(16) while Conroy would go to prison for his involvement in the terrorist SHAC campaign.

Going Global

In the late '90s, CAFT went global with its conflict product, hanging out website shingles in the UK and Sweden. CAFT-UK's website states that its British arm was established to "regenerate the grass-roots." It bragged of "pickets outside [shops] on a daily basis" along with "mass arrests", "smashed" windows and protests at shop owners' homes.

Goodwin was true to his belief that "civil disobedience and direct action [are] very effective in traumatizing our targets."(4) By February 1998, a 25-year-old Goodwin was promoting ALF crimes to the press and describing himself as a "former member of ALF."(17) What no one knew was that he was working for HSUS under the direction of Pacelle.

By 1999, Goodwin's targets were changing but not his tone. "Last year was our first foray into politics and we learned a lot," he commented. "Next year the pro animal majority will end the political career of someone who supports animal abuse. Congress had better wake up and pay attention between then and now."(18)

HSUS must have been happy with Goodwin's work since it chose him as their representative on a trip to China in 2000 and had him giving speeches to Teamsters. "Over the last week I had the honor of being a part of the Texas China tour," said Goodwin. "... I represented HSUS on the tour. ... Some very valuable connections were made. Some very important allies were met who will be valuable friends in the future. Now, the battle is on."(19)

HSUS's website states "John Goodwin" joined as a staff member in their Government Affairs department in 2000, but it wasn't until 2001 that he was seen openly representing HSUS as its "Grassroots Outreach Coordinator", organizing young people into a political force.(20)

And even though HSUS's 2007 tax returns state its employees and volunteers do no lobbying,(21) as of 2008, Goodwin was a registered HSUS lobbyist.(22)

The Pacelle Principle

HSUS's current President/CEO Wayne Peter Pacelle was arrested for hunt sabbing as early as 1986 at the age of 21. The Fund for Animals' (FFA) Cleveland Amory was impressed and chose Pacelle as FFA's Executive Director in 1988. Pacelle organized protests against hunter harassment laws designed to protect hunters from stalkers and hunt disruption. One such protest in 1989 resulted in a dozen arrests. FFA promoted Pacelle to its National Director in 1990.(23) By 1993 Pacelle had been arrested 14 times. In interviews, he sported a black jacket with SEA SHEPHERD CREW(24) emblazoned across the back, and lived with two PeTA staffers and their vegetarian dogs. He compared human ownership of animals to slavery ad stated bluntly, "I don't want to see another dog or cat born."(25) He felt the same way about himself stating, at 26, that "I don't believe in the green revolution as a means of feeding the world, and I certainly don't plan to have children. I take is as a very serious personal responsibility not to put another consumer on this planet."(26)

What does he believe in? He outlined it as a belief "in interstate transport of food items. I believe in providing that food to people in other regions where it cannot be locally produced. My ethic is not a local food production ethic. It's an interlocal, interstate, and perhaps an international system of food distribution to allow people to tread lightly on the planet."(27)

Sounds like a food policy designed by the Teamsters.

In 1994 Pacelle moved from FFA to HSUS. He hired JP Goodwin just three years later in 1997. HSUS must have been pleased with both their work since it promoted Pacelle to President/CEO in 2004. Within 10 weeks, Pacelle had implemented a vegan food and fiber office policy(28) and on Jan. 1, 2005, Pacelle's old group, FFA, was absorbed into HSUS.

In an August 2007 interview, Pacelle stated, "I hired Mr. Goodwin 10 years ago. He has been a model employee."(29) Who knew?

2009 marks the 12th anniversary of the HSUS/Goodwin employer/employee relationship. If Goodwin is a model employee, one has to wonder: what was his job description?

And one has to ask: How many other promoters of ALF are out there today directed by Pacelle and paid for by HSUS?


(1) See "Careers in the conflict industry: HSUS and the making of a conflict industrialist," FCUSA commentary, Aug. 12, 2001.

(2) "Anti-fur groups wage war on mink farms," by James Brooke, New York Times, Nov. 30, 1996.

(3) Coronado joined Sea Shepherd in 1983 at the tender age of 17 and it hired him for "first job" from 1984 through 1989. While PeTA has not commented, Coronado states he also worked for PeTA from 1987 to 1990, infiltrating research labs. "'It was the easiest time I had,' Coronado says, remarking on the regularity of his wages." Quoted in "Man behind the mask makes fur fly in his war," by Paige St. John, Detroit News, Mar. 13, 1995.

(4) Spoken at the National Animal Rights Convention '97, June 27, 1997. For this and other Goodwin quotes, see In their own words: The Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade.

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(8) See "Notes from Jonathan Paul's sentencing hearing," by flies on the wall, June 5, 2007. Paul also torched a slaughterhouse in Redmond, Oregon in July 1997 and was sentenced to 51 months.

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(12) According to a defunct website at www.efn.org/~joshua/ (archived as of 2009 here), "Breaking Free is a project of Animal Defense League Eugene in association with Aquarian Productions." The site later moved here. According to the Seattle Post Intelligencer, Harper sees "a spark of hope in every broken window, every torched police car and every mink running free as their hearts desire.' For the 26-year-old anarchist, those acts are necessary to achieve his ultimate goal: 'The complete collapse of industrial civilization'." From "His goal: The end of civilization. Vandalism, freed mink are just steps," by Paul Shukovsky, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, June 18, 2001. Harper is serving jail time related to the SHAC campaign.

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(18) June 9, 1999, AR-News by Goodwin, JP, Press Release on ADC Vote. Press release states Goodwin is with Legislative Action for Animals.

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(20) "AR-News; SEAC email network by Adam Weissman, SEAC-ANIMALRIGHTS:83] JP Goodwin to Speak on Political Action for Animals at Wetlands Preserve", New York. States that JP Goodwin of HSUS scheduled will be a guest speaker at the Wetlands Preserve's "Political Action for Animals Part II" forum on 4/24/01. "J.P. Goodwin of the Humane Society of the United States will discuss why it is imperative that animal advocates become active in the political arena. Goodwin will discuss how we can be effective, having maximum impact in the fight for animal rights. He will review past and present political strategies, and explain what key components go into a winning political campaign. Be a part of the emerging political force for the protection of animals!" distributed by SEAC at seac.org. It was reported, but not confirmed, that ALF promotional videos were shown at this meeting.

(21) See "Did the Humane Society (HSUS) fail to account for political/lobbying activity of personnel on IRS tax filing?" by Erica Saunders, AR-HR.com, May 31, 2009.

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(23) Early Pacelle arrests include one at age 21, in 1986, for hunt-sabbing; another in 1987 others identified as members of the "Animal Rights Front". New Haven Register (CT), Nov. 28, 1987.

(24) Cleveland Amory (HSUS board member 1963-76) founded FFA in 1967 as a vehicle to oppose any use of wildlife. It was rabidly opposed to hunting, sealing, whaling, trapping and other outdoor pursuits for food and fiber. From 1978 through 1981 Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd was a FFA field representative (see Watson's official bio) on a FFA-funded vessel manned with FFA staff. The Sea Shepherd project churned out indoctrinated youth willing to break the law on land or at sea. In 1981, before Pacelle joined FFA, Sea Shepherd spun off from FFA and incorporated in Oregon. But obviously Pacelle was a fan of the program since he proudly wore their jacket when being interviewed.

(25) Pages 251, 253, 266 and throughout the book Bloodties: Nature, Culture and the Hunt, by Ted Kerasote, 1993. Buy this very good or search for it on Amazon.com, keyword "Wayne" for passage involving Wayne Pacelle.

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(28) Shortly before joining HSUS from Compassion Over Killing, on Aug. 22, 2004 Paul Shapiro told a seminar hosted by United Poultry Concerns that after just 10 weeks at the helm of HSUS, Pacelle had "already implemented a 'no animal products in the office' policy."

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(34) Formerly posted at www.thehumaneleague.com/events.htm : "Sat, Dec 13: 2008 Holiday Party!: Join us for our massive annual holiday party! This year's party will be at the Ethical Society Building from 7 to 9 pm, with keynote speaker Bruce Friedrich (Vice President of PETA) and other special guests from national and statewide animal protection groups including PETA, HSUS, Humane PAC, and more! Wine, vegan hors d'overs, live music, silent auction, raffle, and special VIP Reception! More details will soon be online at www.thehumaneleague.com/party" "PeTA's Bruce Friedrich AND Heidi Prescott of HSUS, both together, are giving Keynote speeches" see detail at www.thehumaneleague.com/Party1.htm

For further information contact: Teresa Platt, Executive Director, Fur Commission USA, PMB 506, 826 Orange Avenue, Coronado, CA 92118-2698 USA, (619) 575-0139, (619) 575-5578/fax, furfarmers@aol.com, www.furcommission.com.

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Mac Leod Motto

#1423771 - 07/22/09 05:52 AM Re: A H$U$ Anniversary displaying their forked tongue. [Re: Mira Trapper]
Mira Trapper Offline

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Loc: Cape Breton Island Nova Scotia
NOTE: Visit the URL below to access the various links.

Kansas City Pets Examiner
Why is anyone listening to the Humane Society of the United States anymore?
Kristy Winfrey

July 18, 12:17 PM

The “Humane” Society isn’t as humane as you’d think. They have a bad
track record with defending the lives of the victims of dog fighting
rings. We all remember the media frenzy associated with the Michael
Vick dogs in April of 2007. Well, Wayne Pacelle the CEO of the Humane
Society did an interview with Madeleine Brand on NPR in regards to the
Michael Vick dogs and she asked “So, in this particular situation they
are not even up for adoption?” Wayne Pacelle’s response was, “Well,
typically not because these are animals that were bred for aggression,
they were trained for aggression, and then there was this culling
process where you had selection for just the most aggressive animals.
We would consider it irresponsible to put them up for … adoption
because number one, some of the wrong people might want them, other
people interested in dog fighting might want to obtain them and if it
was just a situation where people didn’t really know how to handle
them, these dogs could certainly be a danger to other dogs, and to
animals and possibly to children as well.”

This response is creating a mass fear of pit bulls. Wayne Pacelle is
the CEO of the Humane Society and he is keeping this fear alive. Shame
on him. He isn’t giving any pit bull a chance. He is making a sweeping
assumption that kills all the dogs without treating them as

In February of this year, another raid “rescued” the victims of
another dog fighting ring in Wilkes County, North Carolina.

According to Wilkes County Chief Deputy Chris Shew some of the 127 pit
bulls were in the kennel’s fenced enclosure and others were chained to
stakes near dog houses in nearby woods. About half of the dogs were

Two representatives from HSUS were in the court room when the fates of
these dogs, mostly puppies, were decided. There were even puppies that
were born after the raid. They killed those puppies, too.

Amanda Arrington, N.C. director for The Humane Society of the U.S.,
and Chris Schindler, the agency's deputy manager of animal-fighting
law enforcement, both told the judge that these particular dogs have
been bred for aggression. The Humane Society of the U.S. was the lead
agency involved in the undercover investigation that led to the

Wilkes Animal Control Director Junior Simmons told the judge that some
of the dogs that were puppies when they were seized in December are
already showing aggression toward each other.

"They're not just play fighting," he said. "They're starting to draw blood."

Puppies are starting to draw blood? Are you kidding me? Dogs have to
be trained repeatedly to fight, dogs by their nature are kind, loving
animals. I don’t believe for one minute that puppies are so aggressive
that they are “drawing blood”. Shame on the HSUS for not addressing
that issue. You know why dog fighters pick pit bulls? It’s not because
they are vicious killers. It’s because they want to please their
owners. They want to make their owner happy and unfortunantely, dogs
don’t know between right and wrong. They think their owners are
telling them what is right. I have to add here that any dog that is
not trained properly can have behavior problems. So, if someone gets a
pit bull and does not know how to treat or train them, there could be
problems. Read more about pit bulls here.

Then recently, there was a huge raid that spanned a few states. Read
about his at the Humane Society of Missouri’s website. In response to
this, Wayne Pacelle, told a St. Louis newspaper:

"It's just unclear what will happen," said Wayne Pacelle, head of the
Humane Society of the United States. "I think it's pretty certain that
a lot of those dogs will not pass a behavioral test."

What? This is the CEO of the Humane Society, one of the most
influential animal organizations out there and he is just calling for
the deaths of all of these victims of dog fighting. They are victims
and he is calling for their death. You might be thinking, well, these
dogs are aggressive…no, not all of them. Puppies that were born after
the raid could not be aggressive. Aggressiveness is not genetic! It is
a learned behavior that newborn puppies have no tendency toward.

It's not like they can't afford to help these dogs. Check out their
financial profile on Charitynavigator.org.

They have also had misleading fundraising practices that have not gone
unnoticed. Here they ask for donations to take care of Michael Vick's
dogs that they are going to have killed. Here is an article that
explains this is more detail.

From the Wikipedia page for HSUS it states that:

The CCF [The Center for Consumer Freedom] has also accused HSUS
of misleading fundraising pitch in relation to the Michael Vick dog
fighting case.[96] Fundraising material on HSUS's website one day
after Vick's indictment states that donations will be used to "help
the Humane Society of the United States care for the dogs seized in
the Michael Vick case..." and that donations would be "put to use
right away to care for these dogs...".[97] It was later revealed that
the dogs were not in HSUS's care and that HSUS recommendation was for
the dogs to be euthanized.[98] The donation pitch was altered to
remove references to caring for Vick's dogs one week after the initial

Click here to watch a short, 2 minute video showing the Michael Vick
dogs at Best Friends in Utah and tell me if you think they should have
been killed.

Was it worth it to save the Michael Vick dogs? Yes. It took a lot of
time and money but this was a kind of “ground breaking” act of
kindness. Everyone all over the country, the CEO of HSUS, PeTA and
millions of other uneducated people were calling for their death. It
was like the witch trials all over again!
Why are we killing VICTIMS of violence and abuse? These are dogs that
have had a painful, abusive past all at the hand of humans. Then other
humans come to kill them. What does that poor sweet dog think? All
humans are bad. You might think it’s “just” a dog. Well, what does
that say about our society? Just remember, Ghandi said, "The greatness
of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its
animals are treated."

Some updates on the Michael Vick dogs:

Here is a story about Hector, one of the Michael Vick dogs who is a
Canine Good Citizen, a therapy dog, and has been temperament tested.
Here is a story about Halle, who is now the spokesdog for the Salt
Lake County Animal Services “Bully Breed” program.
Info on the Vick dogs at Best Friends

The first of the Michael Vick dogs is adopted from Best Friends

What can you do to help? I believe one thing that all of us can do is
to donate your time, money or needed items to LOCAL shelters. Don’t
donate to these huge national organizations when the shelter down the
street is struggling to provide food or toys to the animals in your
neighborhood. You can be assured that your money will go to directly
help the animals. When you donate to the HSUS or other large
organizations, you are essentially “voting” for them. You are saying,
here is my money, I agree with you and I trust you. Your money might
go to pay for advertising or providing free t-shirts to people who
donate. Your money does the most good in your own community!

Kristy is a vegetarian who volunteers at a no-kill shelter. She has
three cats of her own and a diabetic, FIV+ foster cat. She is
passionate about the humane treatment of animals. She cares for a
feral colony and is an advocate of trap, neuter and release. Contact
her at theanimaladvocate@gmail.com.

I don't agree with everything in this article as most folks know better then to think that some dogs are natural fighters and others from the same litter might be non aggressive. Not all dogs need to be trained to be dog killers. However it is apparent that Pacelle and company want the publicity of being in on the take down of evil dog fighting rings but DO NOT WANT to be burdened with picking out the better dogs for survival. In fact many dogs that are aggressive towards other dogs are very non aggressive towards humans. The odds are that at least 50 to 60 percent of those captured dogs,many of them puppies could have made it into good family life but Pacelle wants publicity & more financial support for H$U$, not expenses.

Mac Leod Motto


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