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#4756975 - 11/22/14 07:19 PM Re: Location ...."on location ! " [Re: LT GREY]
Paul Dobbins Offline
"Trapperman custodian"

Registered: 12/22/06
Posts: 10810
Loc: Goldsboro, North Carolina

#5982274 - 08/22/17 08:54 PM Re: Location ...."on location ! " [Re: LT GREY]
RiversNorth13 Offline

Registered: 11/04/10
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Loc: Gitche Gumee Wisconsin
TTT , for the new trappers .

Simplify your methods to the point of perfection.

Become fast,efficient & effective.

The real "SECRET" to successful trapping.



#5982839 - 08/23/17 05:07 PM Re: Location ...."on location ! " [Re: LT GREY]
Boy Named Sue Offline

Registered: 04/13/16
Posts: 445
Loc: South Alabama
I haven't seen this thread before, thanks for bringing it back up. Sense reading this I have gone back to Google earth and looked at the properties I have trapped and the trap locations that made catches and those that didn't. Most of my locations where chosen because I found sign at intersections of two tracks, trails, fence rows, crop and vegetation changes. I didn't understand why some locations with multiple features where good and others not so much even though they appeared the same or similar. After reading the above posts I went back and compared prevailing wind direction and relative elevation changes at my trapping ground. I set on location [sign], or what I think is location if the ground is not conducive for showing sign and with the wind in my favor when ever possible. Elevation was not ever considered, and it looks like many of my catch spots where on high or low ground with some of the other features. My past strategy has been set'm all and cull the unproductive spots later. I have several new properties to trap this season. I think adding wind direction and elevation to finding my location scouting and setting is going to make me more efficient and productive this season. That's a lot of rambling I know, bottom line is Thanks!

#5983353 - 08/24/17 09:42 AM Re: Location ...."on location ! " [Re: LT GREY]
Michael Morris Offline

Registered: 01/04/12
Posts: 2617
Loc: Cole County MO
I'll add one. This is my best spot, last year I trapped 7 coyotes and 2 cats in this bean feild. On one side, it has an impassable river, on the other a very high ridge. It naturally funnels the critters into the bean feild, and that of course is also where a concentration of prey is at. It produces every year, it also has a high line running into it, so a lot of long running features. Here it is on google earth, the pin marks a "hot spot" for me 3 years in a row, the red line is the spine of the ridge, and the red X is a spot I have gained permission on this upcoming season.

Here is a topo veiw of it. Both green dots are places I have had success, you can see both are like a natural funnel, the perfect travel way for all crutters in MO.

Hope this helps, please feel free to point out anything I have missed smile

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