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#2102520 - 08/13/10 02:54 PM Brave ALF pinheads bragging about running away.
Mira Trapper Offline

Registered: 09/17/07
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Loc: Cape Breton Island Nova Scotia
Negotiation Is Over (Blog)
Animal Liberation Front Resurfaces in Guadalajara, Mexico
Posted by the NAALPO
August 12, 2010 —

Received anonymously:


The Frente de Liberación Animal claim two sabotages against animal
exploiting businesses in Guadalajara, Mexico which we decided to carry
out due to the disappearance of direct action in our city. The

* We spray-painted slogans in black on a poultry and egg transport
trailer. The slogans painted were ‘Eggs = Torture’, ‘Animals are not
objects to use and consume, they were born to be free!’ and ‘ALF.’
After painting, we fled into the night.

* We (again) painted a ‘Eukanuba’ pet store. Their metal shutters
which cover the windows were painted with slogans like ‘No more using
and profiting from animals’, ‘This company profits from the
enslavement and torture of animals, do not buy from them’ and ‘ALF’

We want to clarify that these actions are simple and symbolic but we
decided to not just talk but instead to attempt to make a change in
the things they do to our brothers and sisters and the earth. We send
abolitionist greetings to our comrade Diego Alonso who decided to
evade the orders that the state issued in our own city by living how
he wants to live.

Frente de Liberación Animal/Animal Liberation Front, Guadalajara México.

Mac Leod Motto

#2102530 - 08/13/10 02:57 PM Re: Brave ALF pinheads bragging about running away. [Re: Mira Trapper]
BigBob Offline

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LOL, Wouldn't a yr or 2 in a Mexican jail do wonders for their attitudes?
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Remember Bowe Bergdahl, the traitor.

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#2102553 - 08/13/10 03:20 PM Re: Brave ALF pinheads bragging about running away. [Re: BigBob]
Pete Offline

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Loc: Okanagan Valley BC Canada
Rather than a Mexican jail how about what they do in Singapore and cane their butts. If they ever decide to do it again double what they got the first time. Male or female no exceptions. Tape the caning and youtoob it. You want to bet that there will be a whole lot less of this nonsense going on.

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#2102574 - 08/13/10 03:37 PM Re: Brave ALF pinheads bragging about running away. [Re: Pete]
CLT Offline

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Loc: st. lawrence county ny
They are a bunch of cowards....


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