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#2103532 - 08/14/10 05:39 AM Cops only arrest the innocent & Peacful???
Mira Trapper Offline

Registered: 09/17/07
Posts: 2633
Loc: Cape Breton Island Nova Scotia
Justice for Activists (Blog
Free Bryan

On July 28th, 2010, animal activist Bryan Monell was arrested at a
circus demo in Anaheim CA, as he innocently and peacefully protested
the circus. During the arrest Bryan sustained major injuries that sent
him to the hospital and required medical care.

My Bull Crap meter just hit full reading the garbage justice for activists released. Apparently the cops arrest the innocent & then hospitalize them before going to court??
His case in ongoing so details will not be posted to protect the
security of his legal case. What is public information is that Bryan
is currently out of jail on a $5,000 bail. Bryan potentially faces
years in prison. He is loved by his friends, has the support of every
activist who did see what happened that day, and is an asset to this

If he is to face years in prison it would seem he didn't seem all that innocent or peaceful to police!!

Bryan’s legal fees are mounting and will continue to grow. His only
hope is a solid defense. Please support Bryan Monell in this time of


Bryan’s arraignment is currently scheduled for September 15, 2010 at
8:30 a.m. at the Superior Court of Orange County: North Justice
Center, located at:

1275 North Berkeley Avenue, Fullerton, CA 92832

Court support is always welcome. Please dress appropriately. Either
business attire or purchase a Free Bryan shirt (see bottom of page for


“I learned more about animal rights from my childhood best friend and
dog Sam than all the AR books (and I’ve read a ton of them).” ~Bryan

Bryan Monell is one of the most committed and determined activists the
AR movement has. He has dedicated his adult life to animal rights and
other social justice causes by participating in protests, organizing
benefits, and speaking to media outlets on the movement’s behalf. One
of the most selfless things Bryan has done is to go undercover to
capture footage of the heinous cruelty that occurs in animal

Risking his personal safety, Bryan has documented animal cruelty in a
large number of undercover investigations. The undercover footage he
has captured has changed many laws and made many people become vegan.
Footage form his investigations is featured in Dealing Dogs,
Earthlings, and Meet Your Meat. His amazing undercover work includes:

• several circuses as an elephant groom (footage of these
investigations is in the video above)
• as a live hanger at a chicken slaughterhouse;
• undercover at a pig farrowing plant;
• at countless puppy-mills all over the country,
• documenting almost all of the B dealers selling to labs;
• investigated Premarin and horse-slaughter plants in the U.S. and
Canada rescued horses from a killer buyer in PA;
• documenting the cruelty to crustaceans as a live crab cooker.

Bryan has attended and/or organized well over 500 demos, including pet
stores, circuses, Fur Free Friday, World Week for Laboratory Animal
Liberation, lobster, foi gras, rodeo, McDonald’s, KFC, and more. His
activism has taken him around the globe, to Mexico, Japan and Greece.
He has worked and volunteered at several humane societies around the
country, worked as a veterinary technician, worked at two National
animal rights groups, as well as on behalf of several grass roots
groups in the U.S. and Canada. Bryan was the president of his college
animal rights club, and taught ecology courses to children.

Rescuing animals is also a part of Bryan’s work. He rescued harbor
seals and elephant seals as a member of the Humboldt Marine Mammal
Rescue team. Personally, he has also rescued countless dogs, cats,
chickens, fish, turkeys, seals, and sea lions. Bryan was one of the
first people in the group allowed to enter St. Bernard’s Parish in
Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina to rescue animals.

His work and activism is also multi-issue; he was the Director of
Recreation for a set of group homes in Oregon for developmentally
disabled adults, involved in anti-Iraq War protests and has done jail
support for other activists over the years.

Bryan has a voice that speaks eloquently for our movement and on
behalf of animals. He has spoken at various City Councils, spoken at
the national AR Conference in 2010, testified before the Rhode Island
House of Representatives on the circus, and has been interviewed on

Bryan has done so much for animals in his time as an activist and
continues to labor selflessly for the cause. Please support Bryan to
insure that he can remain free to do what he does best, especially
since his work is integral to the freedom of so many others.

Mac Leod Motto

#2103535 - 08/14/10 05:45 AM Re: Cops only arrest the innocent & Peacful??? [Re: Mira Trapper]
Jeff270 Offline

Registered: 12/07/08
Posts: 326
Loc: Central MA.
• documenting the cruelty to crustaceans as a live crab cooker.

You couldn't make this stuff up! Oh the humanity!


#2103550 - 08/14/10 06:29 AM Re: Cops only arrest the innocent & Peacful??? [Re: Mira Trapper]
Bob Samuelson

Is it only me, but having the time to do all that "investigating", he can't have a real job! Where does he get money to live? He must have bills of some type that need paying! Obviously another "mooch" on the system!

Only a hunch, but I bet the guy has no demonstrative job skills!

#2103555 - 08/14/10 06:33 AM Re: Cops only arrest the innocent & Peacful??? [Re: ]
Mira Trapper Offline

Registered: 09/17/07
Posts: 2633
Loc: Cape Breton Island Nova Scotia
He has a great aptitude for convincing loons that he is an innocent & peaceful man. Over the next 20 years he most likely will be having a hard job behind bars convincing his peers that he is such a man. They will laugh at him and say, "Yup, we are all innocent."

Mac Leod Motto

#2103558 - 08/14/10 06:40 AM Re: Cops only arrest the innocent & Peacful??? [Re: ]
CLT Offline

Registered: 08/28/08
Posts: 1947
Loc: st. lawrence county ny
Bob,the same way he will pay for his legal defense,donations from AR lemmings.It is funny,anybody else that gets arrested the details are in the paper the next day.Cops just don't beat-up people in front of crowds for no reason.If he got injured he was resisting/fighting.It is good to see that these people are getting arrested and prosecuted for their activities.These people are scary,anti-capitalist=BAD PEOPLE...
Their ideology trumps common sense.

I like that,FREE SPONGEBOB LOL.....


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