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#2112211 - 08/20/10 03:01 PM When sentencing the guilty should be fined.
Mira Trapper Offline

Registered: 09/17/07
Posts: 2633
Loc: Cape Breton Island Nova Scotia
Bite Back Magazine
August 6, 2010 - Germany

When sentencing takes place all such criminals should be fined the costs of rebuilding such businesses. Serious jail time should also be implimented till the biteback loons get the message that their actions are not welcomed by the general public.

Translation of anonymous communique (photos: Polizeiinspektion
Harburg; click here to view TV news report about the action):

"On the night of July 29-30, 2010 a poultry factory farm under
construction in Sprötze (Lower Saxony) was targeted in an arson
attack. The entire building collapsed. Property damage is estimated at
€500,000. The factory farm was going to be one of over 400 suppliers
for Europe's largest chicken slaughterhouse, planned for Wietze. There
were many reasons for this action:
The environment is substantially harmed by the building of new factory
farms. Ammonia, contained in the manure of animals, contaminates the
soil. This causes acid rain, which leads to the death of forests.
Water is polluted and permanently damaged.
Enormous amounts of food and water are wasted in raising non-human
animals. To produce 1kg of chicken meat, on average 10kg of grain
and/or genetically modified soy and more than 1,500 liters of water is
required. Rainforests are cleared for the cultivation of soy. CO2 is
emitted speeding up climate change. Numerous animal and plant species
are exterminated as well. Even more CO2 is produced by the trucks
needed to transport animal feed and the non-human animals.
Non-human animals are viewed and treated merely as a resource. For
example, in zoos and circuses, as pets, for fur, leather, meat, eggs
and dairy, animal testing, etc. All their needs, feelings and desires
are denied them. They do not have the freedom to be in charge of their
own lives.
This operation was carried out in order to directly save lives, as all
previous discussions and arguments had failed.
We are aware of the psychological pressure and the financial loss that
will burden the property owners. However, this is not in proportion to
what chickens would have to suffer there. All attempts to rebuild the
factory farm, to make profit at the expense of individuals, will be
stopped! As long as non-human animals are subjected to the domination
of humans, all animal exploitation enterprises will be the target of
similar actions. This action shows how animal abuse can be confronted
We would like to take this opportunity to point out that we reject
comparisons of the situation of non-human animals today and the
victims of Nazism. Causes and effects of different forms of domination
are complex and differ on many points. These should not be rated
against each other but all confronted and fought against. The fight
against oppression is a part of the fight against speciesism,
capitalism, racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, etc.
We encourage everyone to fight, in their own way, for the liberation
of all individuals from all forms of tyranny.

For the freedom of all animals!"

Mac Leod Motto

#2112216 - 08/20/10 03:04 PM Re: When sentencing the guilty should be fined. [Re: Mira Trapper]
Mira Trapper Offline

Registered: 09/17/07
Posts: 2633
Loc: Cape Breton Island Nova Scotia
Flanders News (BEL)
Masked men raid mink farm
Thu 19/08/2010 - 11:43

On Wednesday night hundreds of mink were set free at a breeding farm
in Lotenhulle near Aalter (East Flanders).

It was around 8 PM that two masked men raided the mink farm and opened
the cages. Up to 300 animals were set free.

The farm currently has some 7,000 animals.

Marnix Van Laecke of the Mink Breeders' Association says that the
operation was over in seconds. Farm workers were soon able to round up
the animals though.

The mink farmer believes that the operation was the work of animal
activists, but the responsibility for the raid has not yet been

The identity of the raiders remains unknown. Belgium has some 19 mink
farms. The animals are bred for use by the fur trade.

Mac Leod Motto


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