Here is a recipit I have used the past few weeks, with the title being accurate.

6C Water 100F
3Tbs yeast
3Tbs Salt (Kosher)
13C Flour

Mix water and yeast, set asaide for 10-20 mins let get nice and bubbly

add salt and flour, stir in a bow untill incorpurated.

let rise for 2+ hrs, untill the dome flattens out. (you will know)

refigurate all but a grapefruit/softball plus size of dough.

preheat the oven 425 for 20 mins

form the dough to desired shape, and let rise for 20 mins

bake for 20-25 mins.

the dough will do the same for the most part every day, it has a nice thick crust and a soft "chewey" center.

to make it like a baguette long and thin dust bottom with corn meal, and place on "pizza" stone, or parchment lined sheet.

for cibatta, dustr all sides with flour and add a bread pan with a cup of boling water into the oven prior to baking.

or even place a mound with a few cuts with a serated blade into the top onto a baking sheet.