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#2522663 - 03/28/11 09:49 PM A Little Trapper
Brennan Offline

Registered: 01/25/11
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Loc: Central Nebraska
I am 13 and homeschooled. And decided to write story since I got some time on my hands. I am a lover of the outdoors. Thanks for reading. I enjoyed writing for you.

Beginning Early 1900s-
Chapter 1
Our home was way back in the Ozark Mountains. The closest neighbor was over 20 miles away. We were proud to own a small farm, two room cabin, and over 80 acres of land. One side held all our kitchen wares, which was almighty few, and it was also the parlor and dining room. On the other side was the bedroom for ma and pa and then also there was a loft where my five sisters and one brother slept. You heard me five sisters. Two older ones and three younger ones. I guess it wouldn't have been so bad if my second older sister was always so bossy. "Get your feet out of my face, Paul"! was one thing I heard in the loft all the time. "Look how big a chicken egg this is" I would say, "do you think I care"? she would say and so on. My ma would scold me and her but that wouldn't do any good. We were like a hound and mountain lion having it out.

I first had a look at some traps when I was nine years old. We were in the city selling pa's produce (this was my first time being to town). We had our pumpkins and potatoes sitting in the back of the wagon. Suddnly pa bent down to me and said," do you see that store over there?" I nodded my head.
"Yes sir I see it."
"I want you to run over and buy 10 cents worth of candy." He gave the 10 cents to me, smiling. I stared dumbly at him until here nudged me along. Father had never trusted me with that kind of money before.
I stepped into the store slightly frightened from having never been in one. It smelled of fresh leather, coffee, candy, and then for the first time in my life, I saw traps. They were all freshly oiled and greased fresh out of the blacksmith shop. I stared at them and then looked down at the ten cents I had clutched in my hand. Slowly I turned and bought the candy from the store keeper unknowingly having my father watch me from the outside window.
Chapter 2
A rooster crowed broke the stillness of the morning. For a second I stayed in bed, then jumped out and pulled on my overalls. I crawled over my little sister, and then slowly climbed down the ladder. Bacon and eggs filled my nostrils from my mother who was already up. At the table my father sat drinking a mug of coffee.
"Son," he acknowledged.
"Goodmorning father," I said. I sat down and my mother placed a plate full of food in front of me. She then proceeded by bending down and kissing me inbetween the eyes. That did rile me up some and I looked down blushing and began eating.
After eating I walked out, barefoot because we never wore shoes in the warm days. My chores to do were, chop wood, milk the cow, and feed the hogs. My youngest sister, 3 years old, brought in corn cobs from the corn crib to put in the stove. The next younger two came out to feed the cow and chickens. My oldest two sisters watered the horses, suprisingly for my pa usually did that. My brother was out fetching water. Suddenly I heard a scream.
Chapter 3
I ran aroung the corner of the house and there was my youngest sister being attacked by the rooster. "I shoulda known," I muttered. This one job was the most routinly one I had. Whack ,whack, whack. The rooster was once again defeated.
I promptly turned and walked into the house and said I was going into the corn field. I stopped by the barn and grabbed the hoe. The other one was already gone meaning pa was in the field. I waded into the potato field and then into the corn. I couldn't see my father but could hear him. I stopped for a moment staring at God's great created sunrise. I think God is the most best artist and engineer I have ever heard of. I began chopping down the weeds feeling like a one soldier fighting a great battle. All of the sudden I saw a coon track and remembered the traps. I stopped and began thinking about how great it would be to have some traps to get a coon. I started to think of where I could put them and what I could do with the money. I could buy new clothes for pa and ma, candy for my sister, more-" daydreaming son?"
I looked up startled,"no sir only, only" "yes?" he asked.
"Can I buy some traps?" I blurted out.
He grinned at me then. "Follow me,"he said. We walked through the corn, down the row up to the barn. Up in the corner of the barn was the wagon. We stopped and he pulled away the tarp to show 6 brand new 1.5 longspring traps. If the president woulda came down himself and shook my hand I would not have been that proud. That day we set up the traps along the river bank.
As we walked up a put put put sound came. Up from the drive came a Model T Ford. It stopped. There were four men inside it.
"Howdy," the driver said to my pa. "Evening what can I do for you?" "We were wondering if we could go uh fishin' down on the river?"
"That would be fine, Paul will take you down there." His fathr nodded towards them and so I hopped onto the truck only to find a large bluetick hound with puppies nursing. The truck lurched forward sending puppies flying every which way.
"That way sir," I pointed toward the riverbottoms. We stopped at the end of the road in where many a fisheramn had camped.
"Will you need anymore help?"
"No thank you he replied." I turned and ran back home in the dying sunlight.
Chapter 4
The next morning I was up with the chickens. I went and checked my traps. Nothing. As I was checking the last trap the youngest brother who was in about his twenties came out of the underbrush carrying a pole. "How you doing?" he asked.
"Fine sir."
"Are you a trapper?"
"No I will be soon though." Well setting those traps straight on the ground ain't gonna help. What you have to do is dig a hole about a foot back against the bank. Then you throw in some minnows. After that you need to bed your trap in front of the hole. You will get a coon in no time." We did 6 of those such sets. After he asked if I would like to go uh fishin'. The rest of the day was fishing.
Chapter 5
Us two got together the next morning and checked the traps. The first one held nothing. We came to the second one and there I caught my first coon. He was as big as my father mule (trappers sometimes exaggerate just a tiny bit). The brother brought out his gun and shot it in between the eyes. We caught another coon in the last trap and a muskrat. We went walking back to their camp to skin the catches. After skinning the hides the oldest brother came over. "Good trapping day," he said. I nodded my head. "I was wondering if you would like a pup. We have the papers for them. That means they are pure breed.
"That would be great sir. How much are they though?"
"We were thinking we would give one for free."
"Oh thank you so much."
"I will talk to your father to make sure its alright. I'm sure it will be very fun for you."
"I better be gettin' back now to do my chores."
"Ok talk to you later."
To be continued.
I hope y'all liked it. If you want the next part please request on here. Also if you have any suggestions go head and give some advice.

Edited by Brennan (03/29/11 10:15 AM)
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#2523138 - 03/29/11 09:47 AM Re: A Little Trapper [Re: Brennan]
tmrschessie Offline

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Loc: South Central Nebraska age 66
Great little story...Tom

#2523174 - 03/29/11 10:25 AM Re: A Little Trapper [Re: Brennan]
wes parsons Offline

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Loc: South Dakota
next part please smile
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#2523445 - 03/29/11 02:18 PM Re: A Little Trapper [Re: Brennan]
chas3457 Offline

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Loc: Nebraska, Dawson County
Very nice Brennan,I would like to see more also. Charlie
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#2523674 - 03/29/11 05:02 PM Re: A Little Trapper [Re: Brennan]
kansaskoons Offline

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Very good young man, thank you.
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#2531633 - 04/04/11 01:15 PM Re: A Little Trapper [Re: Brennan]
Actor Offline

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Very Good Brennan ... I think you have the gift of telling a story ... a few more years and a little refinement and you will be a very good writer ... keep up the good work.

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#2535322 - 04/06/11 10:06 PM Re: A Little Trapper [Re: Brennan]
trappir jrod Offline

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Loc: wayne county ohio
good story I want the next part
*trappir jrod*

#2538214 - 04/08/11 10:46 PM Re: A Little Trapper [Re: Brennan]
andrew r. Offline

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Loc: st.clair county, illinois
lets hear the rest its good so far

#2583343 - 05/17/11 07:23 AM Re: A Little Trapper [Re: Brennan]
On a Call Offline

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Are you going to get back to writing again ?

#4416399 - 04/04/14 06:07 PM Re: A Little Trapper [Re: Brennan]
trapperkyle12 Offline

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Let's hear more very good. I liked it.