First shoot a Buffalo !!!
Sorry I just had to add some humor to this !

1 lbs of buffalo buger
2 slices of onion about 1/4" thick diced
2 eggs
3/4 cup oatmeal

Mix burger eggs and oat meal in a bowl then form each burger wrap with a slice of bacon place a tooth pick to hold it in place untill cooked , Set on a plate untill all the burger is wrapped and ready for the frying pan . I like a cast iron skillet .
When cooked thoughly ( But remember the more you cook buffalo the tougher it gets )remove the burgers setting them on a plate until the gravey is done .
Lower the heat on the burner , and add a table spoon of bacon grease to the frying pan untill melted then sift in flour untill the pan is litely covered , let this mixture brown , add milk and get ready to start sturing with a fork . untill its a lite brown color . add salt and pepper to taste . If to much milk is added , more floor is then needed , to much flour then more milk .
Personaly I like this the best with a piece of bread on my plate then a burger then gravey . And both daughters will do any chore I ask of them for cooking this simple meal for the making ! Unless you cant make gravey LOL
Enjoy , amtrapper

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