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#2833187 - 11/16/11 08:00 AM Bear Info.
RiversNorth13 Offline

Registered: 11/04/10
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Loc: Gitche Gumee Wisconsin
BEAR Information

Bear meat can be excellent when properly prepared, and when cooked, it is very much like pork. A young animal does not need to have its meat marinated, although this helps to tenderize the meat and to remove the gamey taste. Older meat should always be marinated. Be sure to remove the fat before preparation. Also cut out all sinews and other undesirable parts.

The flavor of bear can vary greatly, depending on the animal's diet and the amount of fat left with the meat. A bear that has eaten carrion will have objectionable flavors, while one that has fed on berries will taste completely different. Bear fat has a very strong flavor and will make the meat objectionable if not completely removed.

Care should be taken with bear meat to prevent the danger of trichinosis. Either be sure the meat is well cooked to an internal temperature of 170 degrees F. or that the meat has been stored at 10 degrees F. below 0 for at least 30 days.

Tenderness depends on the age of the bear. Young animals may be roasted; but don't overcook them. Older meat should be cooked with moist heat as in casseroles or stews. Marinating the meat may also help. Try using bear meat in your favorite recipe

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#3310820 - 09/07/12 10:47 AM Re: Bear Info. [Re: RiversNorth13]
Shorty Gorham Offline

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Thank you for that info. I have enjoyed Bear meat on many occasions. Many people have false info on Bar and don't believe they can be eaten. Very well said and again, thanks for posting.

#4649007 - 09/16/14 05:48 AM Re: Bear Info. [Re: RiversNorth13]
crossroads Offline

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Last year my daughter and I both killed spring bears. They both had a smell about them while cutting them up, they were both unedible in my opinion, but a guy I work with asked to try it and loved it. There was a lot of skunk cabage in the area we got them and I think they had been eating it.

The spring bear I got this year didn't have that smell and made some very good Summer sausage. I would like to try a fall bear that's been eating black berries all summer.
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#4875595 - 01/24/15 05:15 PM Re: Bear Info. [Re: RiversNorth13]
bob1454 Offline

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I prefer fall bears over spring bears. The ones feeding on berries or pine nuts are very good table fare.
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