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#2879555 - 12/10/11 10:04 PM Re: wolverine set question/trapper_243 journal [Re: Trapper_243]
Trapper_243 Offline

Registered: 12/26/10
Posts: 2
Loc: British Columbia, Canada
I'll fis it up tomorrow morning and get some pictures of it after i modify it a bit and i dont have #9 wire and i couldnt find it so ill just use a some thicker cable that will fit around the pole and then use this wire to hold it upright. The foot hold trap was just to try catch him if he came there over night im leaing tomorrow so i just thought id try my luck but thanks for the help white and familytrapper. I'm new to the snares on the pole so thanks for the help again guys.

#2879800 - 12/11/11 03:52 AM Re: wolverine set question/trapper_243 journal [Re: Trapper_243]
Family Trapper Offline

Registered: 12/23/06
Posts: 2125
Loc: Homer, Alaska
Something else. I am new to setting snares for wolverine as well. The mistake I made on this one above was to anchor to low. The guys that have been successful with it for a while will tell you to anchor high. The wolverine will twist himself right off the ground and hang himself.
Takotna is a pro at it. Listen and follow his lead. I haven't been sorry.
These are Takotna's posts that should be resurfaced. They demonstrate well the use and necessity of a high anchor. I really like the 1/8 7 by 7. I catch a surprising number of fox in it as well. Very limber and fires well.

Posted on the thread above.

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