"Living the Dream"

I love my life of rich and fame,
no bills to pay or good deals to claim.
With last weeks earnings a bought a new truck
I feel bad for the people that are down on their luck.
Those who work hard for their checks or their cash
As i let my money blow right off the dash.
My traps are always full of the best graded fur.
And when i walk in the sale you can hear a mouse stir.
By the truck loads they haul in my catch
just in time for the greatest bidding match.
its started at millions and got up to billions.
but i finally smiled when they got into the trillions.
Nobody had ever seen such a sight
Of a trapper like me standing in the spot light.
Now as i sit on this stump and think in my head.
"That was a good dream and i aint even in bed"
"The love of the outdoors runs freely through my veins"