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#3065873 - 03/09/12 03:58 PM OT-Supplements
ausy94 Offline

Registered: 07/22/10
Posts: 47
Loc: South West PA
Ok so I just started getting into running, weight loss (Lost 30 lbs so far), and weight lifting. I take protien supplemtent for post work out. For a what would you recomend on a pre-workout supplement. I was looking at this stuff at GNC called GNC Pro Amp amplified muscle igniter 4x, have any of you tried it?
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#3616154 - 02/05/13 01:19 PM Re: OT-Supplements [Re: ausy94]
CatchNCritters Offline

Registered: 02/20/08
Posts: 163
Loc: Little Hocking, OH
I took NO-Xplode during my tour in Afghanistan, and it was outstanding pre workout. Take it about a half hour before you start, and believe me, you'll be ready to go...
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#3872079 - 07/02/13 10:58 AM Re: OT-Supplements [Re: CatchNCritters]
mauser06 Offline

Registered: 01/14/11
Posts: 163
Loc: SW Pennsylvania
for pretty serious weight training i have used JACK3D and 4D Pump...

i have both and switch every other workout or whatever..

first few times taking JACK3D were intense...i am far from caffeine sensitive..i can drink anything and go to bed...but the energy and extreme focus was really did give me the edge to get extra reps, extra sets, more bench went up 75lbs or more in a couple months last the end i benched 300# and could have done more but its all i

this year back at it...started off with a 1 rep max of 245 on the bench...a month later i did 245 for 3 at the end of my bench workout...

both products are loaded with stuff..more than just the energy type stuff..i can kill a muscle group and not be sore...i do take a little extra creatine and thats it..but i do 5-7 sets on the bench and then kill my triceps and im not sore and shortly after lifting the muscles arent dead..but when working them i go until they are shot..

havent tried NO Explode but hear good things about has a milk base so i cant take it...and really, i dont want too...i dont wanna put on weight...i wanna slim down and build muscle..ive found with the mass builders and protein powders etc your just taking a ton of milk which turns into fat in the end..

being lactose intolerant means i cant take a lot of stuff...i eat my protein and thats about all i eat..lots of egg whites and chicken..