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#3086405 - 03/22/12 12:55 PM Indiana Morels
don Wolf Offline

Registered: 12/22/06
Posts: 7114
Loc: evansville Indiana age70
My brother and I found the grand total of 7 this morning. About 2-3 inches tall and of the yellow typ or grey typ. Need rain and we should be getting some in the next couple days. Supposed to start here today, but so far, nothing.

#3090953 - 03/25/12 06:19 PM Re: Indiana Morels [Re: don Wolf]
Zachery Offline

Registered: 10/01/11
Posts: 8
Loc: Upland, Indiana
None yet here in east central !
Member ISTA

#3097786 - 03/29/12 11:55 PM Re: Indiana Morels [Re: don Wolf]
KeithC Offline

Registered: 05/13/09
Posts: 2008
Loc: Champaign County, Ohio.
Don, do you know anyone that buys morels in Ohio?
Do you buy morels?
Last year, which was a very good year for morels, we found considerably more then we wanted to consume ans only went a few times. The best day out we picked 6 plastic grocery bags full in a few hours.

#3097996 - 03/30/12 07:35 AM Re: Indiana Morels [Re: don Wolf]
ohbuyer II Offline

Registered: 05/19/10
Posts: 224
Loc: Ohio
Keith, you may want to keep them this year.You may not get as many as last year.
If you don't like the price, sell um elsewere

#3098116 - 03/30/12 09:51 AM Re: Indiana Morels [Re: don Wolf]
don Wolf Offline

Registered: 12/22/06
Posts: 7114
Loc: evansville Indiana age70
Keith ,I don't buy Morels. I have thought about doing it , but never could find a reliable buyer for myself. Morels in my area are not doing well at all. It is to dry and somehow , conditions just are not right. My brother and I went to one of my better spots on wednesday and I found 1 dried up Morel. The grass and all the green stuff is getting real thick in the woods around here. The trees are not far from being leafed all the way out. That is 4 weeks to early for my area. Usually I might see a few maple buds on trees at this time of the year.
The golbal warming gtroup is having a hay day with this early warm weather. Lets hope they are not right.

#3099787 - 03/31/12 12:51 PM Re: Indiana Morels [Re: don Wolf]
jeremy brua Offline

Registered: 03/11/10
Posts: 1386
Loc: Volant Pa.
I found out last year at one of our local.prodice auctions a pint basket sold for $40. Im going to check it out this year.
don't worry over the smart ones. catch the dumb ones, they pay the same.

i can do it because i dont know that i cant.

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