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#1093408 - 01/02/09 10:09 PM Re: Bad Feedback [Re: lucky dad]
Ric Offline

Registered: 12/23/06
Posts: 117
Loc: Wellington,Ohio
Was involved in a trade with "snaring america".To ensure the is no question about what transpired.The Original advertisement and subsuquent PM's are below.This person obviously doesn't pay much care much about what is agreed upon in a transaction..BEWARE

The orginal Advertisemt....

18/12/08 | 11:42 PM snaringamerica: 3 dozen Sleepy Creek #1.75 FS
I am selling 3 dozen #1.75's for my dad. He wants to retool with MB 550's. The traps are all in excellent condition, short chains, mid chain swivels, and kept waxed and dyed. He is asking $90/dz plus shipping. I will take care of the shipping for him, he is kind of shipping illiterate, lol. Shipping will cost $13.00 for up to 2 dozen shipped in large flat rate boxes. PM if interested.

PM's That were exchanged.........

Contents of your private topic follow:

19/12/08 | 03:04 PM Ric: Sleepy Creek Traps
I trade you a dz. New in the box RC550 for 2 dz of the sleep creeks. We pay our own shipping


19/12/08 | 03:23 PM snaringamerica: Sleepy Creek Traps
I called and asked and he said you got a deal. I will get the traps on this end boxed up and shipped out. I just need your address.

Mine is:

Mike Murray
PO box 52
Reynoldsville, PA. 15851

19/12/08 | 05:17 PM Ric: Sleepy Creek Traps
OK Mike.What do you want me to use UPS or the Post office?

Ric McCaslin
47799 St Rt 162
Wellington,OH 44090
(440) 647-2533

Woops....UPS won't do PO boxes Post Office it is.If you can give me an address to ship to I can get then out UPS tommorrow.If it has to be the post office it will be Monday before I get into town

20/12/08 | 12:24 AM snaringamerica: Sleepy Creek Traps
Mike Murray
338 south 12th street
Reynoldsville, PA 15851

20/12/08 | 09:50 AM Ric: Sleepy Creek Traps
Didn't get your message till this morning Mike.Will send them UPS.sceduled pick up will be monday the 22nd.With Christmas thrown in I'm not shure on delivery time but less than a week should cover it.Will send you a tracking # as soon as I print the lable up


20/12/08 | 12:14 PM snaringamerica: Sleepy Creek Traps
sounds good. I will be sending priority mail just because it is easier for me. I probably won't be able to get it out till monday either, i'll send you a tracking number also.

20/12/08 | 01:53 PM Ric: Sleepy Creek Traps
good enough....Now we will get to see who is faster UPS or the Post office

20/12/08 | 02:56 PM Ric: Sleepy Creek Traps

Your tracking # is 1Z 555 F24 P2 9551 5326


21/12/08 | 05:13 PM Ric: Sleepy Creek Traps
Your traps did go out yesterday.UPS stopped and they were ready so they are on the way

22/12/08 | 01:06 PM snaringamerica: Sleepy Creek Traps
ok, it looks like we might have a problem, but nothing we can't iron out pretty easily.

I called my dad today to see if he got the traps together to ship and he said he doesn't have 2 dozen sleepy creeks, what he does have is #1.75 BMI's and #2 Montgomery square jaw dogless that he will be able to send. he can make up a mix of the two types but I'm not sure how many of each. I promise you that you will get a fair deal on this and I apologize for this mix up.

22/12/08 | 01:58 PM Ric: Sleepy Creek Traps
I'll take the sleepy creek and fill it out with the montgomery's.

To say I'm happy with this turn would certainly not be accurate.You seem to be trying though.So do what you think is right and we will see how it works out

22/12/08 | 02:17 PM snaringamerica: Sleepy Creek Traps
I will do it personally. and from now on I will make sure I have anything he wants listed in hand before listing.

23/12/08 | 10:52 PM Ric: Sleepy Creek Traps
I would appreciate an indication of what is happening on your end

Thank You

23/12/08 | 11:27 PM snaringamerica: Sleepy Creek Traps
I will ship tomorrow, I have to go to my dads in the morning to get the traps. I think he said he has all sleepy and monty traps for you. sorry for the lack of communication, trapperman is working kind of slow, I think we are in for an anual x-mas shutdown, lol.

24/12/08 | 10:04 AM Ric: Sleepy Creek Traps
Your traps were delivered yesterday have you looked at them?

24/12/08 | 10:29 AM snaringamerica: Sleepy Creek Traps
Yes I got them yesterday, they look awesome, I know m dad will be very happy.

30/12/08 | 11:29 PM Ric: Sleepy Creek Traps
You said you would have the traps out on the 24th.That is 4 working days for the post office,if you used priority mail as you stated you would.More than enough time for them to get here from where you are.If there is a problem we need to get this resolved.If there was some other change I would appreciate being informed.I have done everything as I had stated I would and I expect to be treated in the same manner as you have been.

You have not indicated how you intended to resolve the difference between what you advertised and what you intended to substitute or given any indication of tracking information as you stated you would.The lack of communication in this matter is not instilling any confidence that this transaction is heading towards a equitable conclusion

Ric McCaslin

30/12/08 | 11:38 PM snaringamerica: Sleepy Creek Traps
first of all, The traps were not mine to begin with and you knew that from day one. I only advertized what I was told to advertize.

second, I had a hard time catching up with my dad to get the box to ship out. My dad has a new girlfriend and a new family, lol. I finally caught up with him on saturday afternoon so I couldn't ship till monday.

Finally, the traps did go out and you should have them very soon.

I don't know what is in the box I just know that he said that he was very fair with you and he gave you more than your money worth.

02/01/09 | 03:06 PM Ric: Sleepy Creek Traps
OK, Mike your package arived today.And yes we do have a problem.

There is not a sleepy creek trap in the bunch.

22 1.75 BMI
2 #2 round jaw montgomery
Some PA "Cable Restraints"
A pair of neoprene gloves.

We are not even in the ballpark here

I would appreciate a call at 440-647-2533

Edited by Ric (01/02/09 10:28 PM)

#1093510 - 01/02/09 11:03 PM Re: Bad Feedback [Re: Ric]
snaringamerica Offline

Registered: 12/22/06
Posts: 1218
Loc: PA
what do you want me to do about it? You made the deal knowing full well they were not my traps and I kept in contact with you as often as possible. You better put on your glasses and check what was sent to you because I was told there was alot more value in that box than you mentioned above. If you want you could ship my dad's stuff back and he will ship your's back to you.

I don't really think anything I do to try to resolve this is going to help, you seem to be one of those people that you just can't please no matter what you do.

#1093809 - 01/03/09 07:02 AM Re: Bad Feedback [Re: snaringamerica]
Ric Offline

Registered: 12/23/06
Posts: 117
Loc: Wellington,Ohio
What would have satisfied me is to receive what you advertised or what I agreed to accept when I was told that you didn't have all of them.

"I was told there was more value in the box".Well elighten me then just what was in there.Your guessing again.If you knew what you had to offer in the first place none of this would have happened

You said they were Sleepy Creek traps

We agreed on a mix of Sleep Creek and SJ Montgomery dogless when I was told that you did not have 2 dz. Sleepy creek.I did not say anything about BMI.That didn't happen

You said they would be sent by a certain date

You said tracking information would be provided

You see a pattern here???

Sure you can send the traps back..Make sure you include what it cost me to send them to you initally and the funds to return yours also.And no I won't agree to eat the shipping costs.I followed through with exactly what I said I would do and you received exactly what I said I had.

Edited by Ric (01/03/09 07:09 AM)

#1095685 - 01/03/09 09:31 PM Re: Bad Feedback [Re: Ric]
snaringamerica Offline

Registered: 12/22/06
Posts: 1218
Loc: PA
Sure I'll refund you what you paid for shipping along with what it costs to send my dad's stuff back here, but only if you send me what it cost me to ship to you and to ship your stuff back. I already paid shipping to you out of MY pocket. My dad did not pay it I did and I got nothing out of it. On the other hand all I got out of helping my dad out with this is a guy who can't quit whining about getting a great deal.

I talked to my dad today and he said he sent you some BMI #1.75's some #2 BMI canine wolfers, some #2 monties, and the cable restraints and gloves. He also told me he sent you more than 2 dozen traps. Like I said before I didn't know what was shipped before but only because I didn't open the box.

#1102680 - 01/06/09 06:21 PM Re: Bad Feedback [Re: ZachAttack]
jd purdum Offline

Registered: 05/25/08
Posts: 447
Loc: nebraska
well this is a different kind of bad feedback this was earlier this year (08) i had some deals with guys on some stakes and stuff and my computer crashed and other stuff happened and i either bought the stuff or gave the money back and for the ones i dealt with like this i am sorry and i hope you felt that i made things right i'm not a horse trader or a theif i admit it was my fault and i should have handled it differently i just wanted to say i'm sorry once again and thanks for the people i owed being patient

#1106088 - 01/07/09 10:41 PM Re: Bad Feedback [Re: lucky dad]
btbobcatman Offline

Registered: 12/17/08
Posts: 86
Loc: NE OK
Made a deal on some traps with CRANKBAIT commented to buy and never sent the money after 5 days sent PM and he backed out on the deal if you make a deal follow though

#1110988 - 01/09/09 07:44 PM Re: Bad Feedback [Re: btbobcatman]
crankbait Offline

Registered: 07/21/08
Posts: 180
Loc: Henderson NC
When someone in your imediate family needs life threatning surgery we will see where your priorities are!! I have been at the hospital most of the time and could not get back to you to tell you I could not afford them because of unexpected expenses! HOPEFULLY you will never get in that position and if you do maybe there will be someone to help you and not think you are a complete A__HOLE!!!!!!

#1114552 - 01/11/09 01:27 AM Re: Bad Feedback [Re: crankbait]
snaringamerica Offline

Registered: 12/22/06
Posts: 1218
Loc: PA
seeing how he did not recieve anything from you, you have not lost anything. I am not sure how this could be considered bad feedback. No one exchanged any money or any goods, as far as I am aware there has been no kind of contract betwwen the two of you. I would suggest you just relist your traps and sell them, period. This complaining isn't going to benefit you in any way.

#1119715 - 01/12/09 09:48 PM Re: Bad Feedback #2 [Re: Wolfer]
Pogo Offline

Registered: 12/22/06
Posts: 2286
Loc: Iowa...Along the 'Ol Miss
big dogg hosed me on a trade.

my 1st time on here. careful!

never held up his end. lies...blah,blah,blah
Undisputed 2005, 2007, 2008 World P'nossum Toss Champion!Want to see Pogostick anchors work?
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