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#3858883 - 06/24/13 07:32 AM Moon phase
vahowler Offline

Registered: 10/02/12
Posts: 16
Loc: Sussex, VA
So how do you guys feel the moon phase relates to trapping success ?
I know that calling at night during full or bright moon is usually a waste of time .
I believe that is because you can be seen by predators though , not because they aren't moving
What say you?

#3858913 - 06/24/13 07:55 AM Re: Moon phase [Re: vahowler]
bert2235 Offline

Registered: 06/10/13
Posts: 0
Loc: mississippi
I am new to trapping going on my third month but I have seen a direct correlation between the bright moon and the lack of movement. Have had no luck with snares during bright moon and very limited luck with coil springs. Out of the 17 coyotes that I have caught only one came on a bright moon.

#3859222 - 06/24/13 11:34 AM Re: Moon phase [Re: vahowler]
N-R Trapper Offline

Registered: 07/29/12
Posts: 1907
Loc: Louisiana
I am not new to trapping and my recorded catches in my journals show a definite increase in catches in New Mexico,during a new moon and a drop off in catches during the full moon. But,with increased competition this past season,I noticed less of a difference in my catch totals,than in past seasons. While,in Louisiana,I find that the best catches occur after the passing of a good winter cold front,with slightly better catches during the new moon than during the full moon,cold fronts or not. I try to time the moving of my line during the full moon and I try to have my line up and running during the new moon,in an effort to maximize my catches,when possible. Good luck.

#3859226 - 06/24/13 11:39 AM Re: Moon phase [Re: vahowler]
KermitTheHermit Offline

Registered: 09/11/12
Posts: 25
Loc: OH
the darker the better here, bright moon is ok if there is a lot of cloud cover, large increase in skunks and possums on bright nights, and little to no coon, coon especially like dark nights. figures too, first week of season here is gonna be bright.

#3860837 - 06/25/13 07:02 AM Re: Moon phase [Re: vahowler]
G-Trapper Offline

Registered: 11/17/11
Posts: 14
Loc: north west missouri
ive had better luck if its no moon at all on coons,theres been a few nights with no coon at all ,the darker the better.
The more I do,The more I learn to love what I do. coyote(0)fox(0)coon(43)bobcat(0)badger(0)muskrat(o)beaver(0)opossum(2)mink(0)

#3860969 - 06/25/13 09:09 AM Re: Moon phase [Re: vahowler]
vahowler Offline

Registered: 10/02/12
Posts: 16
Loc: Sussex, VA
Thanks guys. That's kind of what I expected to hear. I remember my grandpa saying, when I was a youngster, how the coon catch would
be off on bright nights.
I am planning to take off 10 days from work in January and was considering the middle of the month until the end, until I realized the
moon will be full on the 15th. Think I will take the last week in January and the first week in Feb. instead.
Can't really do much around here until deer season closes first weekend of Jan., too many hounds on the loose.


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