To ALL Trap Shed users.

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Originally Posted By: Paul Dobbins
I'm surprised at how many folks don't know how to send a PM.

Open the person's post.

Click on the persons name.

A drop-down menu will appear. Click on "Send a PM"

Fill it out and then click "Submit"

Exception to Rule 8

Originally Posted By: Paul Dobbins
8. The only reply allowed on each thread is a TTT by the post initiator. All questions and communications will be done by PMs only.

If PMs aren't answered in a timely manner, the poster will be banned from using the Trap Shed. (Exception to Rule #8 - A reply is allowed by a person who sends payment. Once payment sent is posted, the post will be locked.)

Exception to Rule 9

Originally Posted By: Paul Dobbins
At this time, I will allow the sale/trade/purchase of scopes and accessories, reloading equipment (minus powder and primers, but will allow brass), gun slings and gun cases. Black powder guns can be placed on the Trap Shed.

post by WHEELERS

Anybody shipping packages here must provide a Delivery Confirmation number to the buyer. I understand they are free now.If you choose not to do this and they don't receive their items you will be responsible for a refund to the buyer.

We've had to many incidents here lately and it needs to stop.If the package is worth a lot of money insure it also.
Any questions you can pm me. Thanks, Wheelers