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#349744 - 09/26/07 07:36 PM Re: Bad Feedback [Re: remmag7mm]
Hebronite Offline

Registered: 12/24/06
Posts: 650
Loc: NW Indiana
I have waited around 2 months for some stakes I purchased from nyfox. She had the money order within 5 days. I sent her several PM's after that to find out when they would ship. This went on for a week or so, then she said she had to find the best way to ship them. Another 2 weeks goes by then she said she would send them Fedex. Now 2 weeks goes by and she said Fedex returned them to her and she needed my address again. Now its 2 weeks later and no stakes and she will not return PM's. All this for $55.00!!!!!! Beware of nyfox

EDIT: This deal has now been completed. ~ADC~

#364641 - 10/09/07 06:04 PM Re: Bad Feedback [Re: tmrschessie]
WVtrappin1204 Offline

Registered: 01/08/07
Posts: 336
Loc: West Virginia, the best Virgin...
I purchased a dozen mink boards (6 male, 6 female) and a conibear safety gripper from a member named, "showfur". I sent the check promptly. It's been around 2 months and I still haven't seen my boards or safety. Like I said, here's his info:


David Maker Jr.
990 Quarry Rd.
sanford,ME. 04073

Hope none of you all have this happen.


EDIT: WVtrapper1204 PMed me today 10/19/07 to say this deal was just completed. He is satisfied with the product he was sent. ~ADC~

Edited by ADC (10/19/07 08:44 PM)
Montani semper liberi

#365414 - 10/10/07 09:41 AM Re: Bad Feedback [Re: WVtrappin1204]
Ford Offline

Registered: 01/25/07
Posts: 585
Loc: Rochester,Iowa
Owes me new 1doz.#2rj victors or my $120. Sent M.O. on april 14 and he cashed it on the 30th. He said he never received the payment or made the deal,showed all pms that were made between us,called him said it would be a week before he got them in, That was 3 months ago!
Don't trust him buyer beware.
Do not go where the path may lead,go instead where there is no path,and leave a trail.
Ralph Emerson

#366498 - 10/11/07 08:10 AM Re: Bad Feedback [Re: Ford]
ZekeMan Offline

Registered: 04/19/07
Posts: 1662
Loc: NW Pennsylvania
I have not received the bow that I traded traps for from Coopdog. The deal was initiated in early to mid July( I dont have the original pm). I sent several 1.5 coilsprings in exchange for the bow. I have been very patient with coopdog on this. I was told many times it would be shipped, and was given an excuse each time why it was not. After a recent request to send the bow, Coopdog will not open my pm's. After this deal has gone on for several months , I find myself doubting the intentions of Coopdog to send the bow. I recommend others be cautious in dealings with Coopdog.
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#366588 - 10/11/07 10:12 AM Re: Bad Feedback [Re: ZekeMan]
coonmasterx Offline

Registered: 12/25/06
Posts: 2752
Loc: Southern Michigan 54
I am also having a problem with coopdog. I sent him the money over a month ago, At first he said he lost my address and now he is not ansering his pm's.

#377664 - 10/20/07 05:20 AM Re: Bad Feedback [Re: coonmasterx]
160user Offline

Registered: 01/06/07
Posts: 11194
Loc: MN
Nashtrap03. He didn't clip me to bad but it took him a month to ship and he never did send me the money that he owed for the difference. It was one excuse after another. I would not do business with him again even if he were giving stuff away.
I have nothing clever to put here.

#378063 - 10/20/07 04:31 PM Re: Bad Feedback [Re: 160user]
nashtrap03 Offline

Registered: 01/05/07
Posts: 141
Loc: strawberry Ar
hey 160 we never agreed on me sending money the traps u sent me half of them where trash just thought yall should know have a good day pm sent

#382366 - 10/24/07 08:45 AM Re: Bad Feedback [Re: nashtrap03]
TrappinK-9's Offline

Registered: 12/26/06
Posts: 1268
I don't really want to post this but I have had an on going deal with txcatman for about 9 months now. We made a trade involving some 220's. He was going to send me some money and the other half of the trade. He told me numerous times it had shipped. I received nothing. Now he told me he is going to send the traps back and has told me again a few times that they have shipped. I figure after 9 months enough is enough. If I get the traps I will delete this post. Just send them back if you read this, I'll even pay the shipping. He goes by Charlie Howard or JR.
Fresh circle in the morning, nothing better.

#384151 - 10/25/07 02:18 PM Re: Bad Feedback [Re: TrappinK-9's]
trapper124 Offline
Trapper Mark, M.D

Registered: 12/22/06
Posts: 1085
Loc: MO bootheel
Do not deal with txcatman. Sent him a trade over two months ago and still have not recieved my stuff. His address is as follows

JR Howard
PO Box 62
Sterling City, TX 76951

Edited by trapper124 (12/09/07 04:20 PM)

#388279 - 10/28/07 08:17 PM Re: Bad Feedback [Re: trapper124]
lives2trap Offline

Registered: 03/07/07
Posts: 346
Loc: Alabama, USA
Had a deal with FNG Trapper. Mailed a new live trap and he was suppose to send me traps in return. During this time he took a trip and said when he came back he would mail the traps. The traps were suppose to be mailed out October 1. Said he had a light stroke. Sent PM with no response. It has come down to leaving bad feedback.

#402168 - 11/07/07 12:08 PM Re: Bad Feedback [Re: Wolfer]
bulldog Offline

Registered: 10/10/07
Posts: 131
Loc: se kansas
Has anybody got their goods from dwitch?

#411377 - 11/13/07 03:17 PM Re: Bad Feedback [Re: bulldog]
mike jerrell Offline

Registered: 01/23/07
Posts: 3345
Loc: Mississippi

I got some quik links I had been waiting for,a couple of wks.ago
Gotta spread your arms and hold your breath and always trust your cape. ~ Jerry Jeff Walker

#428527 - 11/25/07 03:03 AM Re: Bad Feedback [Re: stoney]
Alaska Trap Offline

Registered: 09/22/07
Posts: 10
Loc: Alaska

Douglas J. Colvell
3809B Blessing Ave.
North Pole, AK 99705

Wrote me a bad check for $200.00 for partial payment on an ATV trailer.

I contacted him many times over the past 2 months. I either get a classic Checks in the mail story. or no answer.

here is one

 Originally Posted By: AKtrpr
David, I apologize for the check I think I miscalculated in my check ledger, usps money order will be out tommorrow morning by certified mail.


this quote is from 9-25-07
guess what it never showed up now he will not reply to me

Edited by Alaska Trap (11/25/07 03:06 AM)

#433586 - 11/28/07 09:59 AM Re: Bad Feedback [Re: WhiskeyJack]
dwitch Offline

Registered: 12/25/06
Posts: 96
Loc: East TN
Signature wasnt required as in I never signed for it and it arrived in 3 pieces I cant seem to be able to cash a Canadian MO when it is in three pieces. I have tried to find out what to do with it but couldn't seem to get any answers. I am sorry for the delay but I didnt want to send these traps free of charge. I Will Stat I DID NOT SIGN FOR THIS!!!

#435237 - 11/29/07 07:25 AM Re: Bad Feedback [Re: LAtrapper]

WhiskeyJack, dwitch, and LAtrapper-

This is not the place to bicker. You fellas need to re-open the communication via PM, and if that can't resolve it, contact Paul with the full details of the transaction and he will make a final ruling on it, passing out bannings as he sees fit.

DO NOT comment on this deal any further on this thread.


#482825 - 12/26/07 09:42 AM Matt Smith Ripped Me Off!!! [Re: ]
stumpy041486 Offline

Registered: 11/22/07
Posts: 251
Loc: Mississippi
Matt Smith ripped me off. Anybody ever had any problems from this guy? I have never trapped before and he pmed me about a starter setup several weeks ago. We decided on 8 modified 1.5 coilsprings and 4 1s (I decided to switch the 1s to 110s, are 1s and 110s worth about the same amount of money?). He was also going to send some bait/scent, some books, a pelting knife, some other footholds, enough stakes for all the traps, and some snares. The mods he said he would do are: 1. base plate, 2. new springs, 3. laminate or double jaw, 4. reinforce or install new dogs, 5. bend up jaw tips, 6. shorten chain and add swivels. He also wanted me to send the money priority so he could get it quicker. That cost me an extra $4. He received the money 12-6-07. I finally received SOME of the stuff 12-24-07. I had 5 1.5s that were baseplated and may have had new springs(not sure). They also had swivels on the chains. It does not appear that the other mods have been done. There was one other trap that was slightly bigger (1.75 maybe?, with no appearant mods, maybe new springs, how do you tell) and smaller trap that didnt have springs but just a piece of metal that you bend (1 maybe?), it was weak. There were 3 110s, and 4 small bottles of scent. I didn't want to post this on here, but he is ignoring my messages and emails now. Anybody know what I should do? Anybody have a phone number?

#483724 - 12/26/07 07:53 PM SHOWFUR Ripped Me Off!!! [Re: stumpy041486]
DaGriz Offline

Registered: 12/26/06
Posts: 179
Loc: Michigan, N47 27.914' W90...
I believe Matt Smith ripped me off!! I sent money to him for 6 Conibear 120's the middle of November. Haven't heard anything from him! Hasn't been here to read his PM!! I think he may be a scam artist!! He lives in Sanford, ME !!
You sure you know how to skin griz, pilgrim????

#484644 - 12/27/07 10:47 AM Re: SHOWFUR Ripped Me Off!!! [Re: DaGriz]
Mississippi Offline

Registered: 12/24/06
Posts: 486
Loc: Mississippi
Had a deal with KBB I thought he kept telling me he wanted to buy my gun. He put off sending the money 3 times. Everytime he had an excuse. This is the second excuse where he uses his wife, but the last 2 words were (I SWEAR) all caps. Guess what on the 27th he decided the gun was priced too high for him after promising to buy it for 2 weeks. Beware to anyone holding up a deal with him.

quote=KBB]Yes I am but I cant send the Money until 27th of this Month. My wife feel on the ice so I must buy her Pain Pills which arnt cheap. So if you sell it ok But if not I will buy it on the 27 I SWEAR


Spending time with kids outdoors will built memories that last a lifetime.

#485168 - 12/27/07 05:42 PM Re: SHOWFUR Ripped Me Off!!! [Re: Mississippi]
KBB Offline

Registered: 01/08/07
Posts: 287
Loc: Wichita Kansas
I have bought items from other trappers on this site with out any problem. Yes I told him I would buy it. But the truth is my wife did fall and she comes first before any gun.

#485631 - 12/27/07 08:41 PM Re: SHOWFUR Ripped Me Off!!! [Re: KBB]
Lil' Bit

Do not deal with RON . He is a liar and a thief. He took my money and then came up with some wild excuse as to why I didn't have my traps, including that parcel post takes 3-5 WEEKS to get to me. Well buddy, it's been TWO MONTHS and no traps. I'll be continuing this with authorities in his area for internet fraud, and then I'll be taking a civil claim against him for my money and court costs. I don't like people who lie, and this guy is really really good at it. Don't trust him.

His information is:
Ron Engesether
33598 221 Ave.
Bagley, MN 56621-4372

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