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#5359175 - 01/10/16 05:22 AM Re: Trapping In Russia [Re: Konstantine]
Wolfdog91 Offline

Registered: 07/30/13
Posts: 3959
Loc: Amite county Mississippi
Can yall use the collarum mawdy man ?
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#5360876 - 01/11/16 10:11 AM Re: Trapping In Russia [Re: mawdy man]
Eddie43 Offline

Registered: 08/18/14
Posts: 61
Loc: Ireland
Originally Posted By: mawdy man

no game wardens in Ireland theirs garda thou nearly the same thing eek

we can use snares hear but theirs a LOT of grey area around them! Scotland has new rules are to be blunt they have made snaring veary near to impossible!

foot hold traps have been banned since about 1962 in Scotland mores the pity

mawdy man, we have the NPWS (National Parks and Wildlife Services! Those guy's can get you in deep trouble, if your snares aren't compliant with legislation!

I recon Ireland is gonna be as strict as Scotland with snaring legislation, in the not so distant future! Also trapping's gonna get a major shake up too in this country IMO!
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