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#5761184 - 01/05/17 08:02 PM Turkeys
bob pake Offline

Registered: 12/28/10
Posts: 13
Loc: southern ont. canada
I have been asked to catch four wild turkeys ( un harmed ). They are not very wild . They roost on pallets behind one residence and go two doors down were a person feeds them. The home owner says that you can approach them and they don't seem to care. I am pretty sure that I can arrive with a large landing net and scoop one bird. After that the remaining birds will be a little too wary . Sence they roost on pallets I was wondering if I could go after dark with a bright light and expect to scoop the rest. I have no experience catching pigeons or any other bird at night. I was hopeful that some one with experience could lend some advice.

#2 Scoop one bird put it in a repeating bird trap as a decoy bird add a little corn and water and good things should happen ??????

thanks Bob

#5761865 - 01/06/17 11:02 AM Re: Turkeys [Re: bob pake]
EatenByLimestone Offline

Registered: 10/01/11
Posts: 61
Loc: Schenectady, NY

I think a large cage and concentrated feed will have the best chance once they get used to it being there and will walk in.

Since it is a game bird make sure you have the required permits.

#5761918 - 01/06/17 11:49 AM Re: Turkeys [Re: bob pake]
Moonpie Offline

Registered: 01/01/17
Posts: 68
X2 on the permits. Looks like you are you fall under different regs...check before you catch.
East Central Ga.

#5762116 - 01/06/17 03:59 PM Re: Turkeys [Re: bob pake]
TraderVic Offline

Registered: 03/07/13
Posts: 218
Loc: Western Wisconsin
Approach caught wild turkeys very carefully. Their wings and spurs will hurt you majorly.