Only used 2 times like new. Made from 13oz.sunforger canvas.I designed it so you can use 1" conduit to hold it up or you can go the old fashion way and use spruce poles. It has a stove jack in the middle on the back wall for the stove pipe. The doors are in the front and with the zipper in the middle and bottom so you really have 2 doors. Its aprox. 8 ft at center and 5ft.sides. One man can set it up using the conduit poles. Two people and cooking gear can use it just fine or 3 people and no cooking gear will work. I also have a canvas bag for it that I had made to keep it clean and for travelling.This was made by a Amish man that does boat covers,awnings and tents.The only reason Iam selling it is I have a smaller one that fits my needs better at this time. Sorry but I don't have any pictures.
I have 820.00 bucks n it and I would like to get 650.00 out of it. Plus shipping
I will guarantee it to be as nice as I have said it is.
The more Iam around people the more I don't want to be..........