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#5984814 - 08/26/17 11:24 AM Proper Licensing
TDHP Offline

Registered: 10/19/14
Posts: 1198
Loc: Massachusetts
I know everyone on here is a professional and is properly licensed to handle the animals and applicators they are in possession of, well I hope. I have been on many jobs this year where wildlife techs have used pesticide applications in an attempt to eliminate wildlife because they failed at trapping or made no attempt to trap. Also been on jobs where Pest guys have attempted to trap wildlife unlicensed while treating a property for bug related issues, we all know this isn't a secret and happens all the time. I've seen an increase of this over the years but this year has been the worse. Plenty of folks out there who were at one time in the pest business that went to the wildlife side of things and vise versa. I've thought about obtaining an applicators license to add to my services but just haven't made the leap. I'm content in dealing with the wildlife side of things, and that's where I excel in, not "bugs". I've always been a proponent in becoming proficient in what you do before you add to it. I get the whole trying to make a buck gig, but for the folks who are getting into the business who come on here for advice or what ever information you're looking to obtain, it would behoove you to do your research in obtaining the correct information and sticking to what you're licensed in doing. Not rocket science to trap animals or refer to a list and protocol for applicators, but there's a licensing procedure for a reason. My 11 and 7 year old can out trap or trap just as good as most of the licensed guys around here its not hard.

People going to calls without ladders, missing obvious entry and exit points, memorizing phrases from pest and wildlife books and in return talking to homeowners about these matters when they have no idea what they're talking, again being proficient have an idea on knowing what and why you're doing something or purpose it serves on the job. One of my last jobs going in after a pest and wildlife guy who's attempts failed in the removal of the problem on the same house have caught up to them. Huge money fines, loss of license, the book is being thrown at these two individuals. I feel if either one of those individuals had put a ladder on front gable end of the house, they would've seen the entry hole in the roof where the animals were getting in. Simple one way door could've been installed and several traps in the crawl space could've solved this issue. Once they felt they were gone should've put a trail cam up to confirm, then hardware clothed the opening. Then speak to the homeowner about having a contractor re roof and fix the facia boards if you're not in contract to do that type of work.. That's all I did and the problem was solved. These two individuals spend a total of 3 months on this house, and not one of them stepped foot on the roof or put a ladder up for that matter. It pays to familiarize yourself with the line of work you're in. (end rant) ;/
Smile, you're an expert!

#5984966 - 08/26/17 04:59 PM Re: Proper Licensing [Re: TDHP]
Kirk De Offline

Registered: 12/04/08
Posts: 1153
Loc: Georgia
The trouble with licenses and permits is that no matter what test you passed or what license you secured, you still have to have the ability and integrity to do the work.

Government is probably the least likely to be aware of "your" ability and integrity no matter how many tests you took.

I know of a man in the past that took the Florida General Contractor exam 11 times. Failing each time. He built many high rises and multi-story buildings. He had to hire an individual with a license to allow him to build his buildings out of his offices. His son had the same thing happen to him in his business. Both were some of the best in their field at the time.

My son and I were forced several years ago to get a nuisance permit to trap beaver on the right of ways. We were considered un professional without the permit. It did not matter the amount of area and counties we were trapping, the fact that I was licensed in two states to build roads and bridges, or the number of beaver I was catching. Now it is legal to trap beaver for counties and municipalities with no permit. Got the law changed. Only difference was the law in the ability to trap.

I put in several first responder fire stations years ago for free ( concrete form and pour). Now it is illegal because I don,t carry the license. To get one to do free work now is too much of a hassel and expense.

A license makes one sound legit, but the person being tested may just be able to take a test and express himself better than another.

Lets say you lost all but have your tools or in this case your traps. You can,t legally do the work because you have no license. No matter your financial situation, here it may take a month or more before your license is processed. What about a kid. My son learned to build pored concrete walls and lay out building as a teenager. Even though he has the ability, and borrowed my tools he would have a hard time being able to do small jobs to pay his way through school because of the cost of licenses, permits and insurance to get started.

It is just more difficult to do anything now due to so much regulation.