10 complete yrs. of FFG for sale. 1983,1985,1989,1994,1996,1997,2002,2003,2004.
$24 per yr. plus shipping.

4 complete yrs. 1984,1992,1998,2001 that have either one issue that has a cover missing or a cover damaged.
$20 per yr. plus shipping.

4 complete yrs. 2005,2008,2012,and 2013
$15 per yr. plus shipping

3yrs. with one issue missing 1991,1999(no NOV.) 2000(no DEC.)
$20 per yr. plus shipping

4yrs. with one issue missing 2006(no MAR.)2009(no JULY) 2007,2010(no APR.)
$12 per yr. plus shipping

8yrs. with multiple issues or covers missing 1982,1986,1988,1990,1993,1995,2011, and 2014.
$12 per yr. plus shipping.

3yrs. 1981,1987,1976 have certain months of each year.
$2 per issue plus shipping.

30 issues with no covers or poor covers from years 1967-1978.
$.50 per issue plus shipping.

I will not split complete years, but will sell issues from non-complete years and partial years.
$2 per issue plus shipping.

All magazines are in good condition unless otherwise stated.
If you are looking for something specific, send me a PM and I will see if I can help you.
I will sell in order of PM's received.

Thanks for looking.

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