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#5963634 - 07/30/17 09:46 PM Re: Does deer meat make good bait [Re: LD08]
traprjohn Offline

Registered: 12/23/06
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Loc: Central NC
Originally Posted By: LD08
I was thinking of using ground deer and liver and preserving fresh this year. Anyone have good success with venison not tainted?

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#5998548 - 09/14/17 05:09 AM Re: Does deer meat make good bait [Re: Slidder]
jabNE Offline

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We have been using chunks of deer meat (1" or less) and not tainting it first just adding sodium benzoate and a little caster and rat glands all fresh. In warmer periods like summer is when we make it. It takes a few days for the SB to fully cure the meat and glands so you get a little tainting anyway during the cure process and that seems to work really well for us.
I also know that if you have both coyotes and deer in your area that road-killed deer don't lay there very long before they get picked clean by coyotes. Same with gut piles during hunting season. Whether they prefer fresh or tainted I have no clue but they do like deer in some form or other when it's available and for us trapping after rifle deer season using deer based baits is productive.
We then add some pickling salt to help retard mold and acts a little like slight antifreeze. Add a little water if bait is too dry. I haven't used glycerine in our baits before.
We use this bait right through December and January and get very good results with it. Other than cost of SB and the cheap canning salt, I get the deer scraps from relatives for free and I collect the rat glands and caster myself and freeze them fresh to next summer when it's time to make more bait.
We just put up four gallons in August and it's all good to go now, stored in 1/2 gallon containers we saved and cleaned out. The big plastic protein mix containers with screw on lids work awesome for this.
When setting out first day or two we make sets using bait right from this bigger container. When checking and doing remakes we carry bait in smaller clean plastic jars with sealed lids. The grape jelly plastic jars like welches brand work very well...lid is metal with rubber seal so no leaks, and the plastic jars are light and not as breakable like glass or some other plastics get when it's very cold. We can refill these smaller jars easily.
I use more call lures in extreme cold but the fresh baits like this deer meat work very well in conjunction with a call lure at sets. No need to make the bait itself raunchy rotten a good taint works but so does fresh along with a call or good gland lure.
We run a lot of trash mound sets with fresh bait when ground is too frozen solid to chip out a dirthole. At trash mounds (like bean chaff kicked into simple pile) the call lure goes.on top of pile and bait in the pile itself on side we bed the trap in front of. When we can make dirtholes we use a double dirthole one hole with fresh bait other with call or gland lure.

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#5999399 - 09/15/17 05:58 AM Re: Does deer meat make good bait [Re: Slidder]
kytrapper Offline

Registered: 12/23/06
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Loc: SE Kentucky
Good thread going guys.

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