3-YEAR OLD GINSENG ROOTS, Woods Grown. Prices are with shipping included. Planting instructions included also.
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3-Year Old Hardy Ginseng rootlets are a good alternative to planting seed for those people that are interested in having a mature plant immediately. These 3-year old medium / large Hardy rootlets will PRODUCE SEEDS in the Spring 2018. The roots are of a harvestable size and can be harvested and used the same year or left to keep growing season after season to grow larger. These 3 year old roots are very healthy roots and will be shipped in moist peat moss. Growing Ginseng can very profitable, but it also takes a minimum of 5-7 years to get the BEST price for your mature roots. Ginseng Roots are the most valuable Herb Root you can grow.

10-Roots--$20.00 shipped
25-Roots--$40.00 shipped
50-Roots--$70.00 shipped
100-Roots-$120.00 shipped

Give it try.

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