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#6123166 - 01/12/18 09:59 PM weasel tanning source
Otter34 Offline

Registered: 10/27/13
Posts: 37
Loc: Isanti, mn
I have a pile of weasel hides I would like to send out to get tanned. they have been fleshed, stretched and dried. we are looking to tan and hang up in our hunting shack. I have around 20 with more hopefully to come. I have been told over $20 per. I live in central mn. anyone have an affordable source I could Send them to for tanning. thanks for your advice

#6123170 - 01/12/18 10:06 PM Re: weasel tanning source [Re: Otter34]
Jurassic Park Online   content

Registered: 09/29/16
Posts: 1761
Loc: MB
$20 for a weasel is rough! If you lived closer to me Iíd tan them all for $100 Canadian. Thatís about $78US
Cold as ice!

#6123182 - 01/12/18 10:21 PM Re: weasel tanning source [Re: Otter34]
tlguy Offline

Registered: 05/21/13
Posts: 755
Loc: Green Bay, Wisconsin
You could send them to Sleepy Creek Tannery in Wellsburg, IA. Will cost you $11/weasel for up to 20, 21+ and the price drops to $10/each.

Sleepy Creek Tannery price list

#6123183 - 01/12/18 10:22 PM Re: weasel tanning source [Re: Otter34]
bfisch Offline

Registered: 01/03/14
Posts: 194
Loc: AK
$20! Moyles will do them for about $6 apiece if you have over 20. You will have to pay shipping and be willing to wait. I don't know about shipping fur across into Canada but if you can it will be hard to beat Jurassic's offer even with the extra shipping cost. May also come back faster than a commercial tannery. smile

#6123209 - 01/12/18 11:03 PM Re: weasel tanning source [Re: Otter34]
beltrami trapper Offline

Registered: 11/25/12
Posts: 1521
Loc: northern minnesota
Ever think of trying to tan them yourself? They are probably the easiest skin to do at home. I dont think its worth paying someone else to tan weasels unless you are selling them by the hundreds

#6123216 - 01/12/18 11:26 PM Re: weasel tanning source [Re: Otter34]
elktrack Offline

Registered: 01/19/12
Posts: 211
Loc: North Idaho Panhandle
Send them to moyles. I've tanned them myself and can't get them as bright white as Moyles gets them. There may be some wiz bang tanning solution / method out there that I should try but I'm done fiddling with home tanning weasels. Just send to Moyles and they send em back done right. Hope my opinion helps ya

#6123223 - 01/12/18 11:55 PM Re: weasel tanning source [Re: Otter34]
wissmiss Offline

Registered: 01/06/07
Posts: 11976
Loc: north Idaho
I would do some serious research before shipping your ermine (or any fur beaver) across the border to Canada.

Licenses and permits are needed. And they aren't free. Yes, it is possible to just put them in an envelope, make up something for the customs tag and send them off. Folks do it all the time. BUT, if you get caught, you will lose the pelts plus get fined. Not worth the risk, IMO

#6124305 - 01/13/18 10:59 PM Re: weasel tanning source [Re: Otter34]
AJE Offline

Registered: 01/22/16
Posts: 3763
Loc: WI - Wisconsin
Maybe try Spooner, Wi's Great Northern Fur.
Shipping costs might be favorable.
WTA Member

#6124314 - 01/13/18 11:06 PM Re: weasel tanning source [Re: Otter34]
Boco Offline

Registered: 08/08/11
Posts: 17239
Loc: james bay frontierOnt.
Tan them yourself,they are the easiest pelts to tan.Do one or two to get the hang of it then do the rest.Good market for tanned weasels,and good profit if you tan yourself.Take a bunch to any native pow wow,I guarantee you will sell them all.

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