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#6152254 - 02/08/18 09:29 PM Coyote snowshoe line
Marsh Mutant Offline

Registered: 12/10/17
Posts: 6
Loc: Canada
Hi guys, haven't been able to trap all season but finally have time now for the last 20 days of the season... I'm a water trapper but this late in the season we can only snare beaver and yotes, so i want to give the K9 snaring a go. A couple days ago I read an article in a Fur Harvesters magazine about running a figure 8 snow shoe line a few miles long and setting snares along the trail (the author was referring to trapping in my Province too). So I geared up today and bush whacked a 4 KM long figure 8 trail in an area that I believe to be frequented by coyotes. Throughout my travels I never noticed a single yote track, just rabbits...BUT we also just got 2 feet of snow last night.

Is this a good plan for yotes or am I just wasting my time....I feel like I'm just walking in the dark here? Should I maybe get a lure to put out along my line? Haven't set any snares yet but took dam near half a day to make that line.. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Edited by Marsh Mutant (02/08/18 09:31 PM)

#6152271 - 02/08/18 09:46 PM Re: Coyote snowshoe line [Re: Marsh Mutant]
Jasonj Offline

Registered: 06/23/14
Posts: 121
Loc: Saskatchewan, Canada
Iíve never tried that for yotes but I catch lynx on snow shoe spur trails. I make bait piles for yotes and set on their trails.

#6156348 - 02/13/18 06:37 AM Re: Coyote snowshoe line [Re: Marsh Mutant]
Ronaround Offline

Registered: 02/04/13
Posts: 1387
Loc: N.E.Ohio
How did your checks come out?