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#6185996 - 03/13/18 05:15 AM Re: What Caliber Revolver for a Woman ? [Re: Trapper Dahlgren]
mole Offline

Registered: 12/23/06
Posts: 2548
Loc: New York ,Adirondack mts.
Take her shopping, gun shops ranges. look at talk about handle shoot. Shopping trip.

#6186038 - 03/13/18 06:31 AM Re: What Caliber Revolver for a Woman ? [Re: Canvasback2]
waterwells Offline

Registered: 09/16/11
Posts: 791
Loc: lebanon mo,
What 160 said . I know you said revolvers my wife likes her sr22 ruger with 60 grain rounds
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#6186049 - 03/13/18 06:47 AM Re: What Caliber Revolver for a Woman ? [Re: mole]
PineDoggin Offline

Registered: 12/09/16
Posts: 591
Loc: N.J.
Originally Posted By: mole
Take her shopping, gun shops ranges. look at talk about handle shoot. Shopping trip.

Again, I'd take her to a range and shop combo. That way she can shoot everything that catches her eye. My wife is small @ 5'1 and can shoot my .45 Sig 1911 better then me,but not a carry gun. My Mom had a CC in Florida and carried a 22mag revolver for years before she bought a 32 auto Berretta that is a nice little carry gun. But she will find her fit. Not many people stand around when there getting shot at! So a cannon isn't needed.

#6186050 - 03/13/18 06:49 AM Re: What Caliber Revolver for a Woman ? [Re: Canvasback2]
coydog2 Offline

Registered: 05/17/10
Posts: 1874
Loc: Iowa
Like some stated take her out to try some guns and if when is able to shoot them the better.It is up to her what she wants to shoot and use.If she where to go with a wheel gun if she can handle a 357mag once in awhile then go with that and also try the 38spl also in the same gun and see how it feels for her and go from there. If she need to go with a 9mm ,Taurus have a 905 wheel gun for the 9mm and use moon clips.If she try that she might like that one. For better moon clips you can get them from TK Customs.Later on if she wants to go with a semi auto in 9mm she will have the ammo already. Also it is easy on the pocket from the cost of ammo and easy to find.Or if she get a semi auto and change to a wheel gun she will still have the ammo. But it is all up to her since she will depend on it for her.
Life member of DAV,NTA,NRA,ITA.Also member of FTA,CBA

#6186058 - 03/13/18 06:57 AM Re: What Caliber Revolver for a Woman ? [Re: Canvasback2]
Osky Offline

Registered: 12/09/13
Posts: 5712
Loc: Northern MN
Whatever caliber, I'd agree a semi.
Just learning to handle and shoot a gun is maybe 10% of the equation. Teaching someone to recognize the true signs of when to pull it and how to stay focused keeping a no go zone around themselves. LEO's and others practice this extensively for good reason. Few cc carriers do.
Once the threat is recognized she has to be mentally on auto, and willing to hit that trigger.

Being in close quarters looking someone in the eye and then being focused enough to kill them is more difficult than reasonable people can ever imagine. Panic or hesitation is failure. The reasonable person in the confrontation is hampered by the valu of life, the bad guy has no such concience.

I would buy and train here with multiple forms of mace type weapons. Always carry backup.

"A womans heart is the hardest rock the Almighty has put on this earth, and I can find no sign on it"

#6186060 - 03/13/18 06:58 AM Re: What Caliber Revolver for a Woman ? [Re: Canvasback2]
EdP Offline

Registered: 03/04/12
Posts: 1220
Loc: meadowview, Virginia
It needs to be light, concealable, and easy to shoot (light recoil). I don't think there is a .41 or .44 that meets that combination. Most women have smaller hands than men, smaller framed bodies which can make concealment more difficult, and less hand strength. All that points to a smaller round in a smaller gun. I think many women end up with a revolver because they are intimidated by the relative complexity of a semi-auto. That's just because they don't spend an appropriate amount of time at the range practicing.

#6186076 - 03/13/18 07:16 AM Re: What Caliber Revolver for a Woman ? [Re: Canvasback2]
Paul D. Heppner Offline

Registered: 10/04/11
Posts: 299
Loc: Hilton, NY
Here is my take on a women's handgun, your mileage may vary. I know a bunch of ladies that carry. Only one carries an auto, all the time, a Sig 380. Two others carry autos professionally as required by their departments. One a Glock in 45 the other a Sig in 9mm. All the others (well over a dozen) are revolver users. They range from 38's to a 44 special. The main reason? They have great difficulty racking the slide and loading the magazines. They just don't have the hand/finger strength. Let's face facts here. If you can honestly say you have never had a failure to fire or a jam with an auto then you don't shoot. When it happens the gun needs to be cleared right now and if you can't physically do it you are in big trouble. I will admit loading a mag is almost a non issue because one should always carry at least two extras. When using a revolver, just bring up the next chamber.

My own two daughters carry revolvers. The oldest a 4 inch S&W 15 (my old squirrel shooter). The youngest a 2 inch S&W 360. Both guns are 38's. The oldest also has a Ruger lightweight 1911 in 9mm. She does have a little trouble racking the slide and uses a loader to stuff the mags. Therefore she doesn't use it as a carry gun. They both have access to all of my arsenal but always gravitate to the revolvers.

I personally carry one of three. A 2.5 inch S&W 19, a 3 inch Ruger GP100 44 special, or an S&W Shield 45. Of the three I prefer the 44 special. My son carries a Shield 9.

Edited by Paul D. Heppner (03/13/18 07:18 AM)

#6186083 - 03/13/18 07:21 AM Re: What Caliber Revolver for a Woman ? [Re: ebsurveyor]

Registered: 09/30/13
Posts: 3069
Loc: Green County Wisconsin
Originally Posted By: ebsurveyor
"The Judge" & she might hit something if necessary to pull.

she might hit other things also if using a shot shell the rifled barrel spins the shot and opens the pattern much faster than any smooth bore shotgun.
I am not a fan of the judge , or governor unless at least 50% of your need is for snakes at short range even then I think your still better served with another gun.

it is very large and heavy , it is fine with a 45lc but so are many other 45s that are smaller and easier to carry.

with shot shells , the 2 1/2 inch 410 from a short barrel are pathetic they were not made to come out of a very short barrel

watch this he tests it on a standard section of duct work
America only has one issue, we have a Responsibility crisis and everything else stems from it.

#6186153 - 03/13/18 08:07 AM Re: What Caliber Revolver for a Woman ? [Re: Canvasback2]
330-Trapper Offline

Registered: 12/31/06
Posts: 20341
Loc: Minnesota
Let Her try some, just don't let her touch one you don't want to buy because that's the One she'll like- Forever!
NRA and NTA Life Member

#6186161 - 03/13/18 08:15 AM Re: What Caliber Revolver for a Woman ? [Re: 330-Trapper]
coydog2 Offline

Registered: 05/17/10
Posts: 1874
Loc: Iowa
Originally Posted By: 330-Trapper
Let Her try some, just don't let her touch one you don't want to buy because that's the One she'll like- Forever!
You take the fun out of have her see what one she will want.Or you can tell her that you will not want one and and it is really the one you like her to have.
Life member of DAV,NTA,NRA,ITA.Also member of FTA,CBA

#6186199 - 03/13/18 08:43 AM Re: What Caliber Revolver for a Woman ? [Re: Canvasback2]
illinideer Offline

Registered: 12/31/15
Posts: 431
Loc: West Cent IL
My wife latest revolver is a snub nose Ruger SP 101 38/357mag it has a heavier steel frame vs some of the lighter models. She finds the light alloy frames a little to harsh/snappy in recoil. Just make sure she's comfortable with what you get even if you have to down size in caliber, I'd much rather see a woman be able to shoot accurately in a crisis even if its a 22.

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#6186205 - 03/13/18 08:46 AM Re: What Caliber Revolver for a Woman ? [Re: Canvasback2]
arrowsmith Offline

Registered: 11/26/13
Posts: 213
Loc: Western NewYork
Agree with above, Shop, handle, shoot, train. I like the Ruger LCR in .357 at 17 ounces dry, or the same revolver in .38 special +P at 13.5 ounces. Both just shy of 600 bucks. I will also say to have her try a few autos, and that I saw a nice youtube video on the Baretta 3032 Tomcat at 14.5 ounces empty. The author made a great point about the features of the tip up barrel and the true single/double action features of the firearm. Basically "anyone" is able to load this automatic without having to rack a slide, which is a feature that deters a lot of shooters from the automatic line of pistols. Good luck, and hope I she never needs to use the weapon.

#6186209 - 03/13/18 08:52 AM Re: What Caliber Revolver for a Woman ? [Re: Canvasback2]
Law Dog Offline

Registered: 12/11/10
Posts: 14706
Loc: Central, SD
Bond arms make a good selection of derringers in many calibers!
Was born in a Big City Will die in the Country OK with that!

Jerry Herbst

#6186221 - 03/13/18 09:03 AM Re: What Caliber Revolver for a Woman ? [Re: Canvasback2]
MB750 Offline

Registered: 07/09/10
Posts: 1819
Loc: Idaville, Indiana
I'm going with the 357 as my choice for her. My lady friend carries a 357. The first 2 rounds are 38 Special 110 gr. hollowpoints & the rest are 357 Mag, 125 Gr. Hollowpoints.
An old gunsmith friend of mine carried a 38 Smith loaded with full wadcuttters seated backward, one heck of a hollowpoint. They worked as needed when a couple of guys tried to rob him in the shop one evening. Why 2 guys would try to rob a gunshop with knives is beyond me.
For years I have been tomstrap, now I must change because of the whims of the cyber world. NRA Endowment, ISTA Life, FTA Life, NTA

#6186243 - 03/13/18 09:30 AM Re: What Caliber Revolver for a Woman ? [Re: Canvasback2]
coonlove Offline

Registered: 05/19/11
Posts: 315
Loc: Michigan
I have to agree 100 % with Paul Heppner above. A lot of women cannot pull a slide back on an auto pistol. The strength between thumb and first finger is not there. I have taught a few women to shoot and some could operate an auto, but ALL did well with a revolver. Nothing simpler that a DA revolver-just point and squeeze. If it doesn't' fire just squeeze again. I would stay away from the .357 loads also. They are intimidating to most men in a J frame. Confidence in one's firearm is half the battle in self defense.

#6186244 - 03/13/18 09:31 AM Re: What Caliber Revolver for a Woman ? [Re: Canvasback2]
oldtrapper Offline

Registered: 12/21/08
Posts: 450
Loc: Arizona
My wife carries a full size 1911 Kimber in 45 acp. She likes it because of the weight, a light pistol equals heavy recoil. As far as chambering a round in a simi-auto pistol... The first thing you need to do is show her how to properly rack the slide... not like a man, using your thumb and index finger. That is the wrong way and it is difficult for someone who doesn't have the strength. I am not a firearm instructor... but I got chewed out by one when he asked me to show my wife how to chamber a round. Here's what he said to do. Hold the pistol firmly in the right hand, move the pistol up to your chest close to the arm pit ...take your left hand and place it on top of the slide, and grasp the slide firmly with all your fingers and thumb . Now with your right hand push the pistol forward while holding the slide with the left hand tightly against your chest.

P.S. Let her shoot as many pistols/revolvers as possible you will probably be surprised

#6186251 - 03/13/18 09:41 AM Re: What Caliber Revolver for a Woman ? [Re: Canvasback2]
acrews145 Offline

Registered: 03/10/18
Posts: 95
Loc: Virginia
I agree with what others said about let her try different ones. See what her reasoning is for wanting a revolver. I carry a Glock 27. I have had other women shoot my gun and they hate it, but it does have a significant pop. Sometimes I carry a .45 1911, but it's not well concealed. I am about 5ft 3 and 170lbs. I have a women's iwb holster which conceals my 27 well and is comfortable. Please, please do not let her carry in her purse! No woman can effectively pull a weapon from their purse when it's needed and if target of robbers that's the first thing they grab. The ruger sr9c is a favorite for a lot of women and is comfortable for small hands. The main thing is she is comfortable with basic operations of the gun. I don't want to be having to (This word is unacceptable on Trapperman) a hammer if someone is after me, thus my preference for glock.

#6186263 - 03/13/18 09:53 AM Re: What Caliber Revolver for a Woman ? [Re: Canvasback2]
Taximan Offline

Registered: 01/20/07
Posts: 3965
Loc: SW Montana
I agree with others,no magnums.The frames are way too big and heavy and a lot of men can't master them.

I also would suggest the J frame S+W .38.I would lean more toward a SS steel model rather than ultra light weight.The scandiums feel great to carry but have a sting with +P loads that may cause flinching in a newer shooter.The all steel versions are light enough in the low 20 oz range but give some control that the ultra-lights don't have and due to that,follow up shots can be quicker and easier to place.

If she ever decides to consider an auto,put a Kimber,Micro 9 in her hand.Good luck.

#6186270 - 03/13/18 10:00 AM Re: What Caliber Revolver for a Woman ? [Re: Canvasback2]
Marty Offline

Registered: 01/13/14
Posts: 10427
Loc: North East Kansas
I think that single action only striker fire pistols can be dangerous handguns for the inexperienced to carry.

I think that the proper way to rack a slide is so your hand is not over the open chamber and you can see into the chamber when you have the slide racked all the way back. If you train yourself to rack this way then if you have a malfunction you can rack and see what the problem is......tap rack bang is not proper since you are hoping it will remedy the situation but you do not really know what the situation is....for example: sometimes under stress a shooter may inadvertently depress the slide release with his grip then the slide will not lock back and you actually have an empty gun....that tap rack bang will not fix...or if you have a double feed tap rack bang may just make it worse especially if your hand covers the place where a round will eject and it gets slapped back into the chamber.

A handgun that has a hammer allows the person handling the handgun to place a thumb behind the uncocked hammer while handeling or reholstering the handgun.

I like my sig P-250 because it has a recessed hammer that must cycle for it to discharge and it is dao. Its very safe to use when training from the holster and re-holstering a lot. Thumb behind

Dao is a safer gun (generally speaking)for someone to handle because it has a longer trigger pull. Thus nd's are less frequent.

I believe that more people negligently discharge handguns than use them to protect themselves....but I am not sure of that.

There are lots of different opinions on these things and those are some of mine. YMMV.
"pressure makes diamonds"

#6186271 - 03/13/18 10:00 AM Re: What Caliber Revolver for a Woman ? [Re: Canvasback2]
jeff karsten Offline

Registered: 06/27/15
Posts: 606
Loc: rogers city mi.
38/357 practice with light loads till she is proficient then mix in carry loads cant do that with an auto although some light frame 9mm have manufacture's caveat to use target loads only. If she doesn't have a shooting background i'd go with a 22 till she's comfortable shooting then move up
olden tyred

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