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#6215365 - 04/12/18 09:12 AM Re: Lure price increase [Re: Paul Dobbins]
The Beav Offline

Registered: 12/23/06
Posts: 14136
Loc: Wisconsin
Synthetic lures have been around for along time. That guy from Canada had a whole line of synthetic lures. Some of them worked pretty good.
Then we had SFE which was a very good canine lure. I think that It was developed for the government trappers back In the day. I don't know If It's even available any more. But I still have a few ounces In my shed. A little bit goes a long ways.
The forum Know It All according to Muskrat

#6216057 - 04/13/18 12:21 AM Re: Lure price increase [Re: Paul Dobbins]
Rick Otts Offline

Registered: 11/08/13
Posts: 1082
Loc: Alpine NY
Well it's been talked about for quite a while now should've been done a year or 2 back.Everything go's up in price so why not lures?
Rick Otts

#6216141 - 04/13/18 06:34 AM Re: Lure price increase [Re: Bob Jameson]
otterdog Offline

Registered: 03/02/12
Posts: 293
Loc: Texas
Originally Posted By: Bob Jameson
This transition will be a gradual process and it will take place over a period of years. The younger generation may well be here to live thru the beginnings of this time period no doubt. Maybe the first step will be to sell in 3/4 ounce bottles instead of 1oz. Who knows. I am sure there will be different approaches to how this is dealt with in a retail perspective.

This will most likely begin in increments of substituting 10-25% synthetic material to a previous formula to begin, then it will gradually over time increase the amount incorporated in the years to come. Not much unlike what is happening in our retail industry today.

They decrease the size or volume of a product and call it concentrated. This is a mental conditioning period to validate the smaller size volume and charge you more or try to hold the line for a while.

This is all assuming we will still have trapping as something that will still be legal to do.

The three quarter or even half ounce would be just fine with me. It usually takes me two seasons to use a bottle of lure I have learned when it comes to lure usage that more is not better

#6217110 - 04/14/18 11:43 AM Re: Lure price increase [Re: Paul Dobbins]
Canvasback2 Offline

Registered: 07/15/16
Posts: 1267
Loc: NY
If some Company had a Chemist manufacture an EXACT copy of a certain brand of Lure , all out of synthetic ingredients , and you could not tell by look or smell that it was any different than the natural lures and it attracted the same animals as the real lure it copied; why wouldn't you use it ?

Mass produce the lures in China for 30 Cents for a 1 Ounce Bottle . Sell it for $2.00 an Ounce. Trappers would be running a 3 Minute Mile to buy it !! No need to worry about Gland shortages. No price disruptions.

#6217289 - 04/14/18 03:58 PM Re: Lure price increase [Re: Paul Dobbins]
lureintheanimal Offline

Registered: 02/13/13
Posts: 1062
Loc: Indiana
Synthetic attractors have been around since the early 1970's, most do not know this! smile

Edited by lureintheanimal (04/14/18 03:59 PM)
vis vitalis

#6219857 - 04/17/18 11:34 AM Re: Lure price increase [Re: Paul Dobbins]
trappergbus Offline

Registered: 04/04/12
Posts: 3552
Loc: Southern Michigan
The synthetics did not hold up well, and were not as attractive as the formulas that have natural ingredients. I'd rather use tooth paste or bacon..

The good natural stuff pays for itself over and over and over. I'll pay more for the good stuff, no problem..

Edited by trappergbus (04/17/18 11:36 AM)
Common sense catches alot of fur..
Pay homage to all you harvest..

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