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#6250192 - 05/29/18 09:49 PM Another price question
Dawggone Offline

Registered: 06/07/13
Posts: 41
Loc: Southeast Va
I have read the archives and understand the difference's in per animal/per job fee. Today I was stumped. We have a customer who agreed to a $200 set up and $50 a day check fee and $50 per beaver fee. This was gonna be in their creek and walking to set/check. Now he has stated that the HOA is responsible for the beaver damage (for the whole lake) and asked for a(n) updated estimate. The channel I agreed to is 400 yards long (and no boat required) and now they now need an estimate for eradication of a 23 acre pond with 14 tributaries (and boat required)......????? Any help is appreciated. I was thinking $350 set up fee and $75 a day plus $50 a beaver....I'm in SE Virginia. LONG of a contract??
Backwater Wildlife Control Services LLC

#6250223 - 05/29/18 10:44 PM Re: Another price question [Re: Dawggone]
SGT. C Offline

Registered: 12/23/06
Posts: 1760
Loc: Midlands South Carolina
I don't do set up or per animal fees. I charge by the job if one time eradication or do a maintenance contract. For what you described without seeing it. I would charge the following > one time eradication for $2100.00 with 60 day warranty, or 6 months @ $300.00 per month or 12 months @ $210.00 per month. This is just a ball park figure,could and probably would go up. Depends on how close I can work from a 4 wheeler or my truck and the time of year. Remember, traps and beavers are heavy. Don't sell yourself short, your time is worth something. Only you know how much. This is what I charge for ADC beaver. Better to do a few then do a lot for nothing.
And make sure the HOA understands about the one time eradication fee. Call back after 60 day warranty and it starts from the beginning. Also state, the cost could be lower after a 6 or 12 month agreement. Depends if your on top of the beaver by then and your just picking off a straggler from time to time. This is called maintenance.
Now if they throw more HOA locations your way or referrals which turn into jobs. Then you can adjust your pricing. Don't work for free. This is a guideline to how I operate. Sarge
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#6251334 - 05/31/18 05:21 PM Re: Another price question [Re: Dawggone]
EatenByLimestone Offline

Registered: 10/01/11
Posts: 121
Loc: Schenectady, NY
Personally, I'd refer it to somebody I'd want to lose money on a job.

Even on your 400 yards of channel, I see opportunities lost. You have costs to drive out, plus the time of a half mile trek. Your revenue is $50. If you don't have other work, ok go with it. What could you make on other work You could be doing?

On the pond, you're potentially eating up hours out of your day. What is your opportunity cost if you were doing other work? Is the HOA willing to pay you the true value of your time?

#6251765 - 06/01/18 01:36 PM Re: Another price question [Re: Dawggone]
Aix sponsa Offline

Registered: 02/23/14
Posts: 6953
Loc: Louisiana
How LONG of a contract?

How long will it take you to catch them ALL?

Thatís the question Iíd be asking myself.

As for pricing..... my pricing is somewhat similar to Sgt C. I look at a job, and I ask myself ďhow much do I have to get paid to make me say that Iím glad to have the job, and Iíll gladly do more like it in the future?Ē

Donít take it in the short and curlies just to get the job, or you wonít be doing many more. Charge what you need to make to make it worth it, and youíll be happy to pick up future jobs!

Good luck
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#6252670 - 06/02/18 07:50 PM Re: Another price question [Re: Dawggone]
Dawggone Offline

Registered: 06/07/13
Posts: 41
Loc: Southeast Va
Awesome info guys....Thank you so much!!!
Backwater Wildlife Control Services LLC

#6253787 - 06/04/18 11:30 AM Re: Another price question [Re: Dawggone]
Willy Firewood Offline

Registered: 07/31/17
Posts: 684
Loc: Ohio
Your pricing is unrealistic. You need to determine what it costs you to be in business plus a profit that allows you to pay taxes and still make a living.

Consider your life experience level and value, your trapping and outdoor experience level and value, your people skills level, your business sense, the value of the service to the customer, the economic condition of the time and area, the availability of someone else who can do a professional job, your age, your credibility and confidence level, your appearance, and your time to actually do the work.

Time includes the first call from the customer, computer research, getting gear ready and loaded, driving both ways, meeting with the customer, initial scouting, setting traps, checking traps, using trail cameras, disposing of animals, cleaning up and putting away gear, daily photos and reports for customer, and any final trail camera surveys to make sure that you caught the last beaver..

Consider ALL costs and some are hidden. Phone, internet, website, business cards, brochures, lure, bait, traps, atv, vehicle, insurance, fuel, repairs, parts, canoe, boat, outboard or electric motor, battery, more fuel, health insurance, trail cameras, memory cards, batteries, special flashlights, headlight and belt, trailer, license plate fees, more repairs, gear getting stolen - ouch, a really good comprehensive first aid kit for in your vehicle, a small first aid kit for in your day bag or backpack, waders, trapping bags or pack baskets, stakes, swivels, chain, cable, fittings, pens and paper to write info from calls, computer, printer, paper and ink to print invoices, software to keep business records, fees to an accountant to prepare business and personal tax return to save you money, fees to a lawyer to setup your limited liability company to protect you from liability, filing fee with the Secretary of State, and on and on.

I charge based on time and costs. I cannot ever get back the time and life is finite. I do not charge per animal caught because I know that I will catch animals. That is why I am there. If it takes me 2 hours each day to run the line to catch 3 today, 0 tomorrow, and 2 the next day I charge a rate to cover my time start to finish which includes time for animal disposal. Nobody like being nickel and dimed. What if you are trapping beavers but you catch 2 muskrats in 330s and 3 raccoons in leghold bank sets. Do you charge for those animals or go broke that day?

Example - I did a large predator management job to remove raccoons, opossums, and skunks to protect and reduce the loss of nesting turkey hens and their eggs. The cost for lure and bait was approximately $75. The cost for fuel driving to the job for a week was $100.

There is much to think about. I hope this helps. Best wishes.