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#6271576 - 07/03/18 06:09 AM Re: Cage covers [Re: Jason Turner]
Jonesie Offline

Registered: 08/08/07
Posts: 925
Loc: Monroeville NJ
coil stock.
Ron Jones
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#6272940 - 07/05/18 02:08 AM Re: Cage covers [Re: Jason Turner]
carlswildlife Offline

Registered: 05/17/08
Posts: 73
Loc: North East Illinois
We use coroplast (plastic cardboard) we buy it from our local print shop. I pay roughly $4.00 a sheet ($2.50 a sheet if they use an unwanted sign.) This is pre cut to the dimensions I give them. I then just wrap it around the trap and attach with duct tape. Lasts a good long time.

#6275062 - 07/08/18 05:15 PM Re: Cage covers [Re: Jason Turner]
Jason Turner Offline

Registered: 01/25/15
Posts: 181
Loc: Arkansas
I found these at Home Depot. Although they are not real thick they seem to be holding up Ok ecen to coons. For a 12x12 trap, I can make 5 covers. Each 4x8 sheet is 19.98 so my total cost per trap is 3.99. Made one from luan but it’s around 6.00 per trap. Trim coil/alum is next.
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#6275339 - 07/09/18 04:52 AM Re: Cage covers [Re: Jason Turner]
Willy Firewood Offline

Registered: 07/31/17
Posts: 653
Loc: Ohio
Here is my system for covering cage traps - I use aluminum coil stock. I get it at a large builder’s supply where I have my builder’s account which gets me a nice discount. It comes in various widths and colors in both a 50 and 100 foot roll. When I first remove the roll from the carton it is still rolled tightly and taped. I then drill holes about 6” apart around the edges of both sides. When I unroll it, I cut it with a nibbler cutter that mounts in the chuck of a cordless drill. It gives a super fast clean cut. Then attach with tough zip ties.

Whatever you use, I agree that it is most important to check the traps early before the day gets hot. Whenever possible, I set cage traps where they will be in the morning shade.

#6281184 - 07/17/18 10:34 PM Re: Cage covers [Re: Jason Turner]
Farm Manager Offline

Registered: 03/18/13
Posts: 138
Loc: Nashville, TN
I had some three sided covers made out of AC duct. Fairly light and durable.

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