im looking to trade some traps for waterfowl hunting stuff preferably decoys but open to most offers besides calls

10 sleepy creek 1.5 coil. painted but most never been set
15 victor 1.5, 2 trigger stop loss
12 mixed brand 110 body grippers
1 bridger 155 body gripper

each pays own shipping, on decoys i may split shipping with you, mostly looking for canada geese decoys/sillos , duck field decoys/sillos, wood duck floaters or heavy winter waterfowl jacket in size xl but oen to most offers , try me , i know its a long shot but worth a try

2018/19 season

rats 0
Beav 0
Otter 0
Mink 0
coon 0
fisher 0
weasel 0
fox 0
yote 0
cats 0