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Trappers and Outdoor related businesses
If you would be interested in providing content or advertising in the Montana Trapper Magazine's Spring edition, now is the time to get your space reserved. Deadline is March 20th.

The MTA Newsletter has been published for over 30 years and is published on a quarterly basis - 4 issues. Each issue is magazine sized (8.5"x11") with information pertaining to the MTA, trapping, and everything outdoors.

The Montana Trapper Magazine provides articles, officer, district and committee updates and information for the membership. Articles are by recognized outdoorsmen and trappers in the trapping community and especially those of the MTA membership.

For rates and more info: http://www.montanatrappers.org/advertising.htm

It's time to get reports, ads, stories, pictures, dates, schedules or whatever in for the next edition of the Montana Trapper Magazine.

If you have something about trapping, outdoor related or something you believe folks would be interested in reading or seeing, by all means forward it for inclusion.

If you write an article, I would like a good picture of you so folks know who wrote it.

If you forward pictures, please include a description about it and the people in the pictures. Pictures need to be the best quality and clear. Fuzzy ones don't work.


Interested Advertisers...
Rates and other Info: GO HERE
Dates and upcoming events?
Anything else?
Forwarded this to others?

Email to: info@montanatrappers.org