HELP us fund the battle! Surely you have an antler or two lying around. Bring one or two (or
more if you are able) to the FTA/WTA Combined Convention as part of an antler drive fundraiser.
Good brown hard antler has value, as well as hard white antler. This is a good way to pitch in on
the cause.
You can drop antlers off at the FTA booth. We will have a small collection of “thank you” gifts for
those who donate.
Take a minute right now to set aside a couple of the antlers so you don’t forget to bring them.
A little bit of time and effort from lots of trappers in this kind of donation can be a real boost to the
FTA’s ability to do more proactive work.
We hate to talk about money, but the reality is we can only wage the war for survival of the fur
industry if we have funding. PLEASE find an antler or two and bring them to Marshfield!
(If you can’t make it, get in touch with someone who is going and send yours with them - and be
sure to challenge that person to chip in as well!)
It would also help if you asked around among the trappers you know to chip in on this. If you
have a spring meeting, bring it up!
You would have to have had your head in the sand to not understand that we are in a real battle
for the survival of wildlife conservation as we know it. We all need to contribute, or we all might
not have a cause to contribute to.
(Every state has different regulations regarding antlers, so please be sure that whatever you do,
you are in compliance with your local regulations.)