Saw a coon sitting in a field today licking itself. It was in the 20,s and not a woods around. So where do yo think he was coming from and going to. It was near intersate 90 near Lewiston Mn. My guess is distemper and he was confused so just sat down to rest. Actually he was between to highways, so did he get taged by a car and was licking his wound. I called a trapper who lives a couple blocks away and I had just left his place. Just in case he wanted to take a look and help the coon out. I had gone by some creeks and dry runs culverts and of course stopped to look for trails. I just about to leave when I saw a conibear set on the trail in the weeds. It did not look like a catch had ever been made. So did the trapper forget this one trap. I did miss a trap one year and the next year when setting I found a conibear sprung. So I checked the trap tag and yep it was mine. How did I miss that one trap. Goes to show it does happen.