If anyone still wonders why some of us question the government on the covid mess, here is a prime example. This doctor came out early on in the pandemic and told the world the success he was having with HQ and EARLY treatment. MSM, Fauci, the FDA, CDC, and the WHO all said he was spreading "disinformation". Then Trump talked about HQ and after that anyone who mentioned it was labeled a denier and censored heavily. The numbers of people this doctor and others were successfully treating didnt matter. They said from day one that EARLY treatment was the key.

I think everyone, no matter what your view on it is, should watch this short interview. Think about the 84% success rate he cites and then think about the number of lives that could have been saved. A lot of people should end up in prison over this. Its always the same thing, follow the money. There was no money to be made with HQ or ivermectin. Thats the reason they were never used on a large scale. The sheep were basically led to slaughter in a very real sense. Anyone who thinks for themselves can see the same thing happening with so many other chronic illnesses. The doctor in central America thats making the news right now because he's curing 95% of MS patients with nothing but vitamin D is a good example. I sincerely hope this doctor wins.


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