My son called yesterday for my birthday and we got to talkin about the fun we had when he was a kid. Eventually we got to talkin about trapping and country buyers and we both wonder if our old buddy Calvin Calps was still doing business in Hoisington.

He could be a rough ol cob at times but I noticed over and over again if some snot nosed kid like my own brought in a rabbit backed cat with a 6 lane bridge the old fart would pay a little more. I'd be dickerin with him on some double spots and then see him do that type of thing over and over. He knew I saw it and he apparently knew he could get away with crap like that right in front of me b/c we both wanted to see new young trappers get excited just like we had done many years ago. I never said a thing about it- heck I'd have prolly done the same thing.

Anyway, its been over 10 years since I stopped in there- is he still above ground and buyin fur?

“What’s good for me may not be good for the weak minded.”
Captain Gus McCrae- Texas Rangers