Hello all.

I made a Telegram group called, "Trapping Conversation." Invite: https://t.me/joinchat/M7gROYHOt542MGYx

Just something to play with. You can put up pictures, videos, conduct polls, do real-time video and audio chat, etc.

If I were serious I would make something on my own servers, not Telegram, but it's not a business so let's play around if you're game. It might be fun!

Telegram will work from your smartphone OR desktop.

Let me know if it stinks or if you like it. Maybe put up some pictures or make a poll or something if you want. Or if I'm on, call me! Or Call each other in video or audio.

Get Telegram for iPhone: https://telegram.org/dl/ios

For Android: https://telegram.org/android

For Desktop: https://desktop.telegram.org/


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