I posted this on my fb page this morning. I usually don't get much response when I post covid data. Most of what I've posted is tracking South Dakota metrics over time (since April of 2020). I think most people in the general public don't have a clue how many people typically die a year in the USA (a lot of people don't even know how large the U.S. pop is and what its ranked globally--#3). I also haven't seen this in the MSM, then again, I won't watch most of the state propaganda outlets other than a few seconds at a time passing through. I'm not saying the CDC numbers are 'true", just reporting them.

I guess CDC released its preliminary overall U.S. death data for 2020 (in June?). It is "provisional" meaning that the numbers can still change, it often takes several years for CDC people to drop the provisional status on annual death data. In 2020, the provisional number of deaths in the U.S. was 3.3588 million (out an estimated population of 331.4492 million). U.S. deaths for 2018 were 2.8392 million and for 2019 (still provisional I believe) 2.8548 million. If you average those two years, you get 2.847 million. Of the provisional 3.3588 million deaths in 2020, .3778 million were assigned to covid-19 or about 11% of the total. Covid-19 was the 3rd leading cause of death behind heart disease (.69 million), and cancer (.598 million). In contrast, provisional drug overdoes deaths in 2020 was .0933 million, up 24% over 2019. If the 2020 deaths attributed to covid-19 (.3778 million) are subtracted from the total 3.3558 million, that would leave about .134 million deaths over the 2018 & 2019 average count of 2.847. No statistical uncertainty of the numbers are given in these general audience reports so its not known if this higher .134 million over the 2018/2019 mean is within a standard error measurement, unassigned but probably covid deaths, increases in other leading types of deaths- such as cancer- because of delayed doctor visits/treatments/procedures, or what. Don't know if this can be determined with what is given over time. All sources are various CDC websites of reporting except overall U.S. 2020 estimated population.

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