The last thread didnít really go as planned so Iím starting this one and locking it right away. If you would like to join the effort to help get trappers out there, the information is below. Like the law or not, agree with it or not, itís law. Iíd like to get a bunch of trappers throughout Montana to step up and help make new trappers. Thanks!

Trappers, we need your help and expertiseÖ

As you know, during the 67th legislative session, the passage of Montana Senate Bill 60 requires trappers to complete a trapper education course unless the trapper can provide proof of the purchase of three prior trapping licenses - not necessarily in consecutive years.

We are seeking volunteers to serve as trapper education instructors. Ideally, we would have several instructors for each region but instructors can teach in any region they wish.

Currently, the instruction will include in-person instruction in the basics of trapping, ethics, best practices, equipment, regulations, and the avoidance of non-target species.

To qualify to be an instructor, you must complete an application, pass a background check and be deemed qualified by the department to give instructions in ethical and humane trapping methods. Because the courses are at the basic level, extensive trapping experience, while preferred, may not be necessary.

Courses will be offered on Saturdays and will last approximately 8 to 9 hours. Instructors will be reimbursed perdiem and travel at a rate of .58 cents per mile driven and $7.50/$8.50/$14.50 for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, respectively.

Together, we will teach future generations of trappers and ensure the longevity of trapping in Montana.

We are potentially to start training as early as June so respond soon. Those desiring to become an instructor, please contact Wayde Cooperider at or at (406)444-9947 during working hours.

If youíd like to ask questions prior to applying, contact me, John Nolan (Montana Trapperís Association Member) at (406)210-3176.

John Nolan
Montana Trapperís Association

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