Some of you might remember, during trapping season last winter I found a plant growing and asked about it, I wasn't familiar with. Of course we have some of the most intelligent people on this site and they came up with the name... yellow archangel (lamiastrum galeobdolon). It is not a native American plant. So, guessing it then must be an invasive species, I got in touch a botany Phd. at Dawes Abortorium. He explained yes, it is considered an invasive, but not in Ohio and it was okay to plant it. He also advised that if it like where I planted it, I would have to watch it so it didn't get out of control.

I wanted it under a couple of pine trees in my front and side yard, where grass won't grow and the weeds have taken over. I want something that will form a mat and smother out
(hopefully) the weeds. When I found it I grabbed 3 vines of it about 3 feet long each. I have 10" X 20" x 2" planting trays. I filled them with potting soil, wet it down good and cut each vine into segments. I left one side a couple of inches long and cut the other side close to the leaves. Just for giggles and grins, I dipped each segment in plants potting hormone. I ended up with 36 cuttings. I had 3 English ivy cutting I stuck in there too.

My original plan was to take each little plant and set them about 4" a part. About 4 weeks ago I took the tray, hatchet and trowel so I could put them in the ground. As the saying goes, "The best laid plans"... The roots were so inter-twined as well as the plants, there was no way to do anything but to plant the whole mat. I chopped the soil and surface roots from the tree in an area large enough to put the whole mat. I was able to unravel 8 or 10 vines about 6 inches put them on the ground. I loosened the soil where some of the leaf segments were and wet them down good.

With all of the rain we have been having it is growing like crazy. The original mat has grown from 10 X 20 inches to 24 X 36 inches and the stringers are going crazy. I measured a couple of them and in the last 8 days they have grown 5".

Here is a photo of it as it is today.

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