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#83259 - 02/09/07 06:31 PM Re: baiting/luring/uninating on canine sets [Re: Kansasbert]
Palerider Offline

Registered: 12/24/06
Posts: 719
Loc: Mo.
I use glycerine to feeze proof urine.This will not only feeze proof it,but in warmer weather will help to keep it from evaporating as fast also.

Adding glands to urine is a good way to have a change up along your lines.If you add glands,then I wouldn't have any over the trap pattern.Squirt or doesn't matter.

#83277 - 02/09/07 06:41 PM Re: baiting/luring/uninating on canine sets [Re: Palerider]
Asa Lenon Offline

Registered: 12/23/06
Posts: 6124
Loc: Gulliver, Michigan
One can use glycerine or propylene glycol as an anti-freeze in real cold weather. Also, one can add a little plain pickling salt which works as an anti-freeze and preservative too.
As for putting glands in the urine, one has made a lure when that is done. Personally I would rather use the lure down the hole and plain urine on the backing as natural attraction, suspicion remover and final touch to a set. I doubt that squirting or spraying would make that much difference but being that i'm not sure I would rather simulate a natural application by the animal of a small squirt onto the backing. Ace

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