Squirrel problem

Posted By: beeman

Squirrel problem - 09/26/18 12:05 AM

I need to relocate some squirrels that have to decided to deposit walnuts in the soil(vent) pipe on the roof. The neighbor saw a squirrel run across roof go down pipe with walnut in mouth and then come out of pipe without the nut. This is in town so I will need to live trap the squirrel and give him a new home.

What would be the best bait to put in live trap? Walnuts, ear corn, peanut butter smeared on bread? Help please.
Posted By: KeithC

Re: Squirrel problem - 09/26/18 12:12 AM

I put peanut butter on a paper towel, squeeze it into the towel and put the towel through the holes in the trap pan, in a wire, box trap. The squirrels will jerk on the towel to get it out and set off the trap getting caught.

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Re: Squirrel problem - 09/26/18 12:20 AM

I just trapped them in a cage trap....drilled a 1/8 inch hole through the walnut and suspended it with some trapping wire...behind the trip pan.....then I gave said squirrel a lead pill .....
Posted By: danny clifton

Re: Squirrel problem - 09/26/18 12:21 AM

I would relocate them into my dutch oven. make biscuits and gravy
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Re: Squirrel problem - 09/26/18 12:26 AM

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Re: Squirrel problem - 09/26/18 12:28 AM

I always used ear corn shell some off and tie the ear in there with wire.

Re: Squirrel problem - 09/26/18 01:15 AM

I collect up walnuts as I have no walnut trees , I keep a pail of them and toss a walnut to the back of a live trap , when they go in for it , they are dinner.

I have also use peanuts but those are best placed in a can wired to the back so they can't grab them without going in

I guess I have also used bird seed and corn.

try some of each

why do you need to give it a home , even people in NYC can live trap squirrel and eat them.

take them in your garage where it is legal to discharge a pellet gun and have dinner town squirrels are well fed and quite tasty.

relocation may be against the law check your regs it would be here unless you own or have permission to release animals from the owner

some hardware cloth and a big hose clamp to cover the pipe might be in order

I have trapped squirrel in my yard till I go a week empty with 2 set traps every fall for about 5 years , there are always new squirrels a month later they move in
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Re: Squirrel problem - 09/26/18 01:39 AM

some hardware cloth and a big hose clamp to cover the pipe might be in order
Times 2. Doubt will catch them all in a cage trap in the near future.
Posted By: Getting There

Re: Squirrel problem - 09/26/18 02:50 AM

I just live trap them with Black Oil sun flower seeds. I just push the seed on a sqr. paste I put on the pan of the trap. Always some seed behind the pan.
Posted By: OhioBoy

Re: Squirrel problem - 09/26/18 12:23 PM

Cover the pipe and then wonder how many walnuts are in there.

They got in a camper once. Anywhere you could stick a walnut had a walnut in it. Every drawer, cupboard, nook, and crannie. Stuffed full.

Something I learned though is they store and keep separate walnuts with hauls and walnuts without hauls.

The whole left side of the camper was stuffed with walnuts with hauls, the whole right side without.

Go figure.
Posted By: 330-Trapper

Re: Squirrel problem - 09/26/18 12:47 PM

Shell a few kernels of a cob, wrap wire around cob -run the wire up through the top behind pan. You could add some p butter to the cob if it gets chewed up.

Re: Squirrel problem - 09/26/18 02:58 PM

if the house was plumbed right the stack is 3 or 4 inch from roof to sewer line or septic tank and they shouldn't have an issue plugging , but some times old houses were not vented right
Posted By: ShawneeMan

Re: Squirrel problem - 09/26/18 03:11 PM

Here's what ya' need...

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