How to bed a trap in waxed dirt

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How to bed a trap in waxed dirt - 08/13/19 06:45 PM

I have made myself a barrel of waxed dirt this summer. Could I get someone to tell me the best method to bed a trap in the waxed dirt in frozen ground for a coyote set. I have no experience using waxed dirt at all. Thanks
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Re: How to bed a trap in waxed dirt - 08/13/19 06:48 PM

Not much different than normal. If your dirt doesn't pack well, look up how to power bed.
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Re: How to bed a trap in waxed dirt - 08/13/19 06:50 PM

Chisel the dirt until you can set the trap in the bed somewhere somehow without it wobbling at all, then cover the bottom of the bed with a thin layer of wax dirt, bed again, and cover with waxed dirt. People say its impossible to bed in wax dirt firmly but it can be easily done. if you chisel out too big of an area, just fill with wax dirt, bed trap put all weight on the jaws, pack dirt as much as possible and cover. Its the same as without wax dirt, but takes a little more weight to push down. Just my 2 cents.
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Re: How to bed a trap in waxed dirt - 08/13/19 07:50 PM

If you dig a cone or funnel shaped hole to match the shape of your jaws then pound down a depression on each side for your spring levers you will need very little waxed dirt. Use a screen or heavy landscape cloth for a pan cover. Your trap should only be 3/8Ē to 1/2Ē below the surface and your pan cover should fit tight enough to keep the waxed sand or dirt from running through. Iíve not had the jaws freeze to the sidewalls and Iím sure that Iím getting some waxed dirt or sand between the jaws and the wall of dirt. My waxed sand is as fine as sugar and flows very easily so Iíve had it flow easily past and around my pan cover. To solve this I went to putting Peat under the trap just to fill the void.
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Re: How to bed a trap in waxed dirt - 08/14/19 02:48 AM

I wedge the trap from all sides with frozen dirt clumps and cover
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