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Wobbler - 01/05/20 06:29 PM

The only conversation I had with Johnathan was short. I had a new bird at my suet feeder. I believe he had one of the same birds at his feeders.
He will be one of the people that I wish I could have known longer and better. We had much in common. I know this because of the link somebody posted to the site that hosted his pictures.
He had good camera equipment and a good eye. Knowing hunting and trapping is great knowledge for a wildlife photographer.
He posted pictures of his Black Throated Blue Warbler. I did not. I will now. This is the only bird of its kind I have ever seen.
[Linked Image]
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Re: Wobbler - 01/05/20 10:03 PM

Nice Picture!!! .
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Re: Wobbler - 01/05/20 10:05 PM

Good going! Jonathon would approve!

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Re: Wobbler - 01/05/20 10:27 PM

Yes, Jonathon had that eye for bird. Going to miss his pictures.

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Sorry, made a mistake!
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Re: Wobbler - 01/05/20 10:52 PM

Here's the link I posted before. You can see much of Jonathan's lifes work of pictures and videos of wildlife at:


There are 88 pages of his excellent art photography and videos. Hopefully his website will stay up forever.

I saw my first Black Throated Blue Warbler in 2018 and only one since. They are beautiful. I wish they were more common around here.

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