Any hammock campers

Posted By: walleyehunter01

Any hammock campers - 01/14/20 01:24 AM

Looking for recommendations for a hammock with bug net that won’t brake the bank. Only plan on using it 2/3 time a year on some brook trout fishing trips
Posted By: JimEvans

Re: Any hammock campers - 01/14/20 01:32 AM

Believe it or not. But my son bought one from w mart and used it for about 5 years 8-10 time's a summer.
Posted By: walleyehunter01

Re: Any hammock campers - 01/14/20 01:44 AM

I bought a cheap one online. First time using it the zipper for the bug net broke

Re: Any hammock campers - 01/14/20 01:52 AM

I am also interested and will be watching this thread

can I add to the question that it would be really nice to find one for a 300 pound man if it helps I am a skinny 300
Posted By: BigBob

Re: Any hammock campers - 01/14/20 02:05 AM

I liberated a pair of them when I left the 'Nam! Used them for years back when I was spry. Not sure I can get in one now! LOL
Posted By: jtg

Re: Any hammock campers - 01/14/20 02:15 AM

These work great. https://www.warbonnetoutdoors.com/hammocks/
Posted By: BuckMink

Re: Any hammock campers - 01/14/20 03:34 AM

ENO or live infinity.
Posted By: ApocalypticGoatH

Re: Any hammock campers - 01/14/20 03:47 AM

I've got.a Hennessy Hammock. Not cheap but it has a mosquito net and a cover. You enter through a velcro opening in the bottom which automatically closes when you lay down. I use it for fishing trips, works great and is very comfortable. You can order from Amazon.
Posted By: tlguy

Re: Any hammock campers - 01/14/20 03:54 AM

I have a Hennessy as well. Mine has a bug net (with a zipper) and rain fly. I found out the first night I used it that the bug net doesn't work if you dont zip it shut!

I like mine, but rarely get to use it anymore now that I have a wife, daughter and dog. I should probably sell it to fund my other addictions.

Here's a link to the one I have. If anyone is interested in buying it, pm me.

Hennessy Expedition Zip Hammock
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