Fur Crafting Books?

Posted By: TrapperLibrarian

Fur Crafting Books? - 02/18/20 08:51 PM

Hi, all,

I'm having trouble finding any books about crafts you can do with fur (i.e. making clothes, hats, mittens, beaver hoops, stuff like that). I dimly remember a book about sewing with leather and fur that I checked out from the library when I was a kid, but I can't remember the title. I'm not looking to buy any books just yet since I can just get them for free through interlibrary loan and see if I like them before I buy them, but I need titles and authors. Can anyone recommend anything?

Thank you!

Posted By: PAskinner

Re: Fur Crafting Books? - 02/18/20 10:07 PM

Eskimo Skin sewing is a decent book.
Posted By: wissmiss

Re: Fur Crafting Books? - 02/19/20 12:26 AM

How to Sew Learther Fur and Suede by Schwebke (?)

Makin Buckskin Clothing

Iím sure there are others. Go to amazon and search fur sewing books. You should get multiple options.
Posted By: Loup loup

Re: Fur Crafting Books? - 02/19/20 03:21 AM

I suggest "Secret of Eskimo skin sewing" by Edna Wilder.
Posted By: TrapperLibrarian

Re: Fur Crafting Books? - 02/19/20 12:30 PM

Thank you all! These are great!
Posted By: drasselt

Re: Fur Crafting Books? - 02/19/20 04:30 PM

This may be useful:

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Re: Fur Crafting Books? - 02/20/20 04:29 AM

Go to abebooks.com to see what books are available or just Google used books

Posted By: Lugnut

Re: Fur Crafting Books? - 02/20/20 11:44 AM

ABE rocks! I buy most of my books there. I just bought a hard cover, first edition of "Firearms, Traps, and Tools of the Mountain Men" by Carl P. Russell in very good condition for less than a third of what most Amazon sellers were asking.

In fact, I've seen the same copy of a book listed by the same bookstore on both Amazon and ABE and the price is always much less on ABE.
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